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While Tom Cruise was giving an interview at the "War of the Worlds" premiere in London, he was squirted in the face with water from a gag microphone.

Four men who were part of a freelance camera crew were arrested and could face assault charges

An unamused Cruise told the culprit, "I'm here giving you an interview and answering your questions and you do something really nasty. You're a jerk."

Wouldn't you think Tom Cruise was used to being squirted in the face by strangers?

Yes he definately likes a squirt or two
No, Tom's not like that at all
Expect a letter from his lawyer IC
He was getting ready to bitch-slap the dude!
He needs to have ritalin put in his drinking water.
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And hordes of Scientologists knocking at your door 24/7 for the next decade or so.

entered by : Truthseeker013
Submitted on : Jul 20,2005 1:46:59 am

Tom Cruise fell for the microphone water squirt gag again??? What a moron. I guess he needs some more water to wash down that ritalin.

I suspect that during his days as a Calvin Klien model he got squirted with much worse (well, depending on you look at it I guess). John Travolta should have flown by in one of the Scientology space ships and plucked him from harms way. Fuck Tom Cruise and everything he stands for!
And hordes of Scientologists knocking at your door 24/7 for the next decade or so.
Scientologists believe that with a good reading they can rememeber things from even when they were in the womb. Maybe as a fetus some mucus squirted in his face and he just cant get past it. Grow up Tom.
I only wish he was squirted with gasoline instead of water and then someone threw a match at his face -- then I'd have laughed.
I wonder if Katie Holmes will get angry when Tom squirts in her face?
^ I doubt he squirts at all.
LMAO! I thought it was funny! Tommy has to chill-out, he's far too serious anymore, change the religion dude!

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