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35001. Who is the best bass guitarist? (3394 votes)
60151. What new sports car is the most excitement you can have for the money? (2885 votes)
90258. Which country has the Best Looking Men? (2678 votes)
39697. Have you been caught masturbating at some time in your life? (2550 votes)
105113. Impeach Bush (2290 votes)
84821. Should all politicians be held to the same standard? (2256 votes)
103415. Most Haunted Cities In America (1941 votes)
100249. Was it Israel or Hezbollah that started this current conflict? (1880 votes)
11594. Non-Americans only: How do you feel about America? (1518 votes)
104619. Best Jimi Hendrix songs (1387 votes)
2422. the holocaust did it really happen????? (1382 votes)
82596. Who are the greatest authors of ALL time? (1360 votes)
94286. Did Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken murder Natalie Wood in 1981 and cover it up? You be the judge... (1002 votes)
87691. what would you do to jamie lynn spears (988 votes)
96355. IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY? (982 votes)
93621. How long can a snail sleep for? (951 votes)
93109. How does the accident rate of the German autobahn compare with that of the US Interstates? (950 votes)
90794. Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? (940 votes)
73936. Lindsay Lohan has become very very thin lately. Is it because of reason A or reason B? (934 votes)
2370. WHO IS THE BEST METAL BAND? (923 votes)
94461. Is it cruel to crop the Doberman's ears? (915 votes)
105009. which country in North America has the most beautiful women? (901 votes)
102251. I would never date a black guy. Does this make me a racist? (898 votes)
96359. Which NEWS source do you trust the least? (861 votes)
104119. Was Jesus black or white? (845 votes)
97029. Should Bush be impeached? (844 votes)
101541. How many people died during the Boston "Massacre"? (838 votes)
4026. Should women have the right to go topless like men? (837 votes)
100687. Should the UN push for war crimes trials against the leaders of hezbollah (832 votes)
63187. Favorite "NAPOLEON DYNAMITE" Lines (810 votes)


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