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What is the dumbest comment you can make during the first couple of minutes on a blind date, something that will totally ruin the evening, something that you cannot possibly hope to save yourself from?

Wow, you are sexy, you look a lot like my sister.
Sorry I'm late, my A.A. sponsor was late to bail me out of jail.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like a man with a wig on.
You want to maybe go to a KKK rally with me later tonite?
Wow, you look even better in person than you do peeking thru your window late at night!!
Do you smell that? Geesh, I knew I should have changed my boxers.
What are your thoughts on anal?
You look finer then a new set of snow tires.
I want to be on you like stink on shit.
Feel my biceps, no really, feel 'em, those are some guns.
Where is your mum tonight? :-)
Never been on a blind date! Looking at you, I wish I WERE blind!
Are you familiar with the works of L. Ron Hubbard?
Is your hair also red down there too?
Wow, is that your breath or did a garbage truck just drive by?
I just inherited 60 Million Dollars, Let's get married.
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Voted : You want to maybe go to a KKK rally with me later tonite?
This is a funny one!

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