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Despots , Dictators , Charlatans , Religious fanatics , Who's the most whacked out , who was the worst of the worst?

Adolf Hitler. (der Fuehrer)
Joseph Stalin.
Jim Jones. (The Guyana Jonestown cult.)
Rasputin. (The mad monk of Russia.)
Charles Manson.(Manson Family.)
John Wayne Gacy. (buried 33 boys under his house.)
Pol Pot.(Cambodia killed 25% of his own people.)
Dr Joseph Mengele. ( conducted medical experiments on live people.)
Osama Bin Laden. (Whacko of Islam.)
Saddam Hussein.
For the last time, Dubya!!
george bush
dave thomas from wendy's
Homer simpson
Ariel Sharon
gengis khan & ivan the terribles love child.
Michael Jackson
The Alien who pretended to be God in the Bible,,,
Orlando Bloom
The whole Bush family and Dr. Laura
Adam Sandler
"Prophet" Mohammed
Darth Vader
John Kerry
"tex" ritter
TomSneddon TommyMottolla MartinBashir.MJs an Angel
Christopher Columbus
Paul Wolfowitz
Gary Glitter
Sarah Palin
Rush Limbaugh
Idi Amin
Kermit Gosnell
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It's been proven that jews are the strongest and smartest people in the world... So god-damned smart they can't even spell "piece", matzah-brain
"Mao T'se-Tung was the all-time heavyweight champion mass murderer. He killed a hundred million of his own people. Stalin only killed thirty million. Either of them makes Hitler look like a feeble-minded street hoodlum, because Hitler only killed nine million." Excellent point: the communist wiped out tens of millions more in the 20th century than the fascists ever did. Ergo sum, the far left's worse than the far right.

P.S.: I *strongly* recommend THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM by Stephane Courtois and a number of other formerly leftist academics. You couldn't find a more intelligent indictment of the whole rotten ideology.

"Ergo sum, the far left's worse than the far right."

I probably meant "Q.E.D." instead of "ergo sum," but I wasn't paying attention earlier.

Eve, the first woman. Dumb bitch eating a forbidden fruit is responsible for every atrocity that occured after that!
who the fuck write Vlad the impalor? i go with the far left.
Enlil, aka Yahweh / Jehovah,, slew many in the name of ''his people'' who follow blindly as Slaves ,, not knowing that they worship a James T. Kirk type alien, who pretended to be a GOD.
if you said homer simpson you can go to hell
ever hear of Countess Elizabet Bathory? THER was one sick bitch.
How many Jews are Jewish?
Hitler was a beautiful and emotional and sensitve all got him wrong.
bush if he had the chance...
Hanoi Jane Fonda.
Waste of good oxgyen.

i voted for bill gates.he scares me.
did you know hitler?He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. he was one of the cleanest politicians in the history of mankind(dont get me wrong here im not trying to defend him)
I'm with The_Truth. Hitler was at least honest about his intentions, namely to find other lodging for Europe's Jews. Ariel Sharon, on the other hand, seeds Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israelis to further his agenda. Now, THAT'S evil!
"prophet" muhammad is the most Evil and twisted. Look at theocracies now.
Stavros (leader of the Darlecks)

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