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[+] ballot by lowerclassbrats

This is a serious ballot and I promise to carry out the wishes of the almighty best and worster. If you vote yes please leave a method of self execution in the comments section. Thanks
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LCD : on Dec 15, 2009 because .

You could have been killing yourself while you made this ballot stupid
Die conservative punker scum
Live, but contract human papillomavirus
Don't do it dude
Is this a joke ballot? Has to be.
Be patient. You WILL get to die someday.
Go For It Man! Pull The Trigger. Leave It All Behind!
Wait and see if it gets better.
Once the insurance policy goes into effect
do it or dont, but there is no use asking opinions.
do tons of drugs daily. if you die, you die.
Yes but have fun doing it. Drink lots of beer and smoke lots of weed.
look elsewhere-escape yourself
Be my guest!
Death is certain lifes not so take a moment and smoke some pot
The world is overpopulated
Are you still alive?
NO DO NOT DO IT! There is NO second chances!
no. i took overdose .. and now im glad it did not work =D
Do not use a permanent solution for a temporary problem. And all is temporary. :)
"Live and die of old age" - Henry Rollins
the problem there is no going back so think carefully
Join the military
Have sex
Hell no! Have fun trying to die instead...see comment.

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Think of how your kid and your wife would feel if they found their father dead. Hang in in there man. Do it for them. You're a talented writer and a funny dude, you have a lot going for you.
Voted : Don't do it dude
I'm new here, and so I really don't know how much weight my words carry.
Please reconsider. All suicide threats need to be taken seriously, and I take this seriously.
Please find someone to talk to as soon as you can. It may be someone at the other end of a suicide hotline, or a trusted family member, friend, or anyone else you feel comfortable confiding in.
As I stated: please reconsider this!
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I hope this is a joke ballot. If it isnt you should think long and hard about this. Maybe your life is in a mess but it wasnt always like this and it could get better in time.

"This too shall pass"

Voted : Don't do it dude
read your messages
I had already voted for you NOT to do this. Please read the message I sent to you!
Voted : Don't do it dude
Please. You have a wife and two kids who I'm sure adore you. But most importantly, you're a person with a huge heart and enormous talent. I know you're in pain. Read your Privates.
Is this a joke ballot? I sure hope so.
'Hang in in there man...'

by Angry_Kid

No comment

Karellen is right - all suicide threats should be taken seriously;

Remember LCB,

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, be brave and ride this emotional storm you are going through, the sun will come out eventually, and you'll wonder why you ever posted this.

Voted : Don't do it dude
I am the 'almighty best and worster'. No! Don't kill yourself.
I hope you're not serious dude. Consider the's a very selfish act. There will be nothing to do any regreting, it's non-existance, no soul, no heaven or hell. It's oblivion....scary stuff.
Voted : Don't do it dude
This misses funny by miles.
Please, LCB, call or message me. I will be here most of the day.

Hugs x x x x x

I was in the same place two days ago. This ballot was written yesterday, but I've found that the best thing for it, when you're not only thinking of killing yourself but are developing a plan on how to achieve that end, is to get some sleep. Take a nap, get drunk, get baked, set something on fire; just do something to take your mind off the pain.
You've been here long enough that I know your life is valuable. I know you're a cool guy. I'm not just saying that to make you feel better.

Mr. Lowerclassbrats: Remember that you can always kill yourself. The fact that you don't is what I think establishes a will to live. We all have the freedom to stop our lives whenever we choose. So, why not live it to the fullest as long as you can? Life is hard for all of us. From the outside a lot of lives seem great, but most closely examined lives are full of pain, disappointment, and brokeness. It's the human condition. However, there is also much heroism, love, and inexplicable happiness. I get through the tough times by realizing I don't have to bear it; that I can "opt out" anytime I choose. By this method, I move from moment to moment and have learned to love my life.
Yes it's a joke ballot which claims to be serious.
In retrospect I believe it to be in bad taste.
It's're a dick!
There goes the Wake!
by MO_ [+]

LCB, you just wasted the time of these very nice people who reached out to you in a supposed time of need. I disagree with many of them on political issues, but I can tell by the way they write that they are kind and thoughtful people. Now, because you burned them, the next time somebody asks for their help (somebody who really needs it) they might think twice and join the ranks of the cynics.

I think you can go ahead and kill yourself, now. wink

Voted : Be patient. You WILL get to die someday.
If you really want to die, just be patient. You will get your wish in about 60 years (you actually will have no choice), and, if there is a God, you won't have ruined it all by throwing your life in His face. You see, I think most people who commit suicide see no end in sight not realizing that there IS an end. Blessed death WILL comeóin nature's timeóand you may see some beautiful sunsets that make you glad you didnít do it too soon. So be patient and enjoy the ride. It only lasts a little while.
What type of Hor d'evoures do you plan to have at your funeral?? That will help me
My brother killed himself when he was 20. You don't want to put your family through that.
Voted : Don't do it dude
There is verse that has yet to be written.
Voted : Be patient. You WILL get to die someday.
Get on meds now!
...and besides, if you feel like you can go that extreme, why not use that emptiness to straigten up that back bone and start kicking ass and taking names... would obviously have nothing to fear.
Nice goin' you fuckin dickhead, Really funny....You're a LOOOSER!
Aww, it will be ok..just hang in there :) *HUG*
Voted : Once the insurance policy goes into effect
Just make sure you make it look like and accident of we won't get the payoff.

No one and i mean no one should ever feel the need to top themselves!!!

You have a family LCB, come one, wake up man!! xxx

If people said yes would you listen to them?
Voted : do tons of drugs daily. if you die, you die.
Not really, haha

Seriously i've been wondering the same thing lately...

If you do decide to do this, here are some tips:

Go to the middle of no where and do it. So the animals take the parts with them and nobody is accused. Use a handgun, or else you're going to feel pain, the bigger the gun the more you might miss. If you go through the mouth aim it upwards towards the back of your head or else you might not end up dead.
aiming it upwards assures you'll hit your brain and die right won't feel anything...

But don't do it if you have children and you feel they might miss you, or a mom that gives a fuck about you, just get out of your situation.

I wish you luck and send prayers your way. I commented on this before a long time ago but thought i better tell you now that if you or anyone that wants to die to do it somewhere ELSE! When i was a little girl my best friend had to come home from school and find her mother dead from slashing her wrists. How selfish. My friend suffered horribly over this.

Slash down, not across
Voted : The world is overpopulated
If you are not satisfied with your life then please go ahead and free up some resources.

0000 buckshot from a 12g shotgun straight to the head.

Voted : Are you still alive?
We don't know anything about you. Is something wrong? What would it take to make you feel better? I've thought about terminating too in the past, but never tried anything. Life doesn't really last that long, so why hurry it up and go too soon?
People are sometimes suffering a lot and it looks pretty grim, I understand why some people want to end it all. But if you can hang in there hopefully there will be someone to listen and help to make a difference in your life (-: P.I.E.

Voted : NO DO NOT DO IT! There is NO second chances!
Suicide is a terrible and permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please...don't do it. We could try to help, if you need it. Message someone!
Voted : "Live and die of old age" - Henry Rollins
that is from Blackhouse Coffee Blues, you should pick up a copy.
Voted : Hell no! Have fun trying to die instead...see comment.
Go skydiving, bungee jumping, find some really dangerous thrills and go for them! Then at least if you do die, you'll have fun doing it...
Voted : Be my guest!
why else would God have created piano wire?

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