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For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard tales of strange creatures that inhabit the woods in a few of the towns in this area. I’ve always been told to be careful when traveling down Chardon-Windsor Road in Chardon, Wisner Road, and near the area surrounding the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland. There are supposed to be deformed humans living in the woods with tiny bodies and large round heads. They’re known as the Melon Heads, and it is said that they hate all human beings and will kill and eat any they encounter.

The reason they are filled with such hate towards humans is because of one sick man, Dr. Crow. It is because of his twisted work that they are in the physical and mental condition that they are. Dr. Crow was commissioned by the government shortly after World War II to treat children who suffered from a rare condition known as hydrocephalism, which causes large pockets of water within the brain. Crow ran a small institution of sorts for these kids, and donated not only his services, but his own land, for the venture. The government sent him these kids, thinking he was doing a good deed and a great favor to society. Little did they know what evil acts were actually occurring in the woods of Northern Ohio.

Dr. Crow was a vicious, malevolent, insane man, who took pleasure in the pain of others. Hidden out in the woods, away from anyone’s supervision, he began a series of cruel experiments on the sick children placed in his charge. He injected their brains with even more water, causing their heads to swell to ridiculous proportions. He mentally and physically abused them, and exposed them to radiation. He basically used them as the guinea pigs in all of the twisted experiments he conceived. Many of the tortured children died – you can still see numerous graves of babies in the nearby King Memorial Cemetery.

Needless to say, the Melon Heads suffered severe physical and mental retardation due to their brains being experimented on. They continued to devolve until they were hardly human anymore. They became little more than wild animals, and like all wild animals, they had no ability to reason, and instead acted purely on instinct. Their main instinct, that to survive, led them to attack Dr. Crow.

Supposedly, the Melon Heads became feral to the point where Crow could no longer control them. One day, they simply snapped and overran him while he was in his lab. They pummeled him, tore his body apart, and ate him. In the process of the attack, the Melon Heads destroyed electrical devices and knocked over vats of chemicals, causing a fire to start. This fire engulfed the buildings on Dr. Crow’s secluded property, and the Melon Heads fled into the surrounding woods.

Nowadays, packs of Melon Heads roam the woods of this area. Dozens of reports come in each year of people seeing creatures staring at them from the woods on the edges of local roads in the dead of the night. Hikers and outdoorsmen routinely find slaughtered animals in the woods, and many have been attacked by Melon Heads, especially along the banks of the Chagrin River. The Melon Heads rule these woods.

A little of both

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Voted : Myth
Never heard of it. Probably myth, but a very weird one.
Voted : A little of both
Well, that's my guess...
Yes, I've heard quite a bit about the stories behind them. I've also heard quite a few stories of people from the area aggressively denying the existence of these "melonheads", as if they were trying to cover something up. If they really didn't exist at all, one would think that these people would just laugh it off. There most likely is a little truth to the stories with lots of exaggerations.
Melon heads? That's core. eek
Could make for an interesting sitcom, though..

Voted : Myth
People subjected to such treatments around WW2 would not pass on these non-genetic subugations today. Lamarckian biology has been debunked for at least a century or three.
Voted : Reality
these things have came up to my car before
Voted : Reality
melon heads scare the shit out of me i HAVE seen one in perry, Ohio they wont kill you IF in kirtland you sign crybaby bridge first
on this day there were peaple talking aboutdocter crow other then that jeffery lungren was anotyher rediculus storie kirtland is a scary place to live
Wow that was interesting. Can you put in some pictures? Dr. Crowe is a sick man.I can't wait to tell my friends!
Its as real and awkward as can be. My aunt,her friend, my brothers,their friendd, and I thought it would be cool to go see them, to prove what was either there or wasnt. We got lost, but eventually we came down this road, also known as Wisner Road, and we all got down to this area in the woods where there was a little black gate. ALL of us got that GUT feeling at ONE same spot. We knew we had come to the right spot. My brothers and their friend got out of the car, and walked down a little side street. A VERY few moments later they ran back to the car, claiming they saw something run across the road.On our way home, it was frightening, because it got SO foggy we moved about 5-10 mph. Halfway back home, which isnt THAT far.. we realized my brother had lost his cell phone running. We were in NO mood to turn back. So, keith now has a bright pink cell phone. And that is a true storyy.
I was down to search for Melonheads before. Nothing happened. I didn't see anything. I do not belive in them anymore.
Voted : A little of both
Possibly tied in with the Melungeon folklore.

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