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[+] ballot by theshift

Mother-in-laws...dontcha love-em? Is yours a pain in the ass or great?

Pain in my ass
Great person
Uh....yeah! Mine's great...ah ha aha.
She's okay
No, just deceased
She is the DEVIL
I don't have one, so no.
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Voted : Pain in my ass
like u wont believe
Mom if you're reading this, we're too close.
Voted : Pain in my ass
Does she ever shut the uk up?
Voted : Great person
Mine is very sweet and nice.

Of course, she also speaks about as much English as I speak mandarin and lives on the other side of the world. wink

Still, it is always nice when she visits; she is welcome any time!

she won't shut up and is just too damned stupid to know even the simplest thing such as up from down!
Voted : No, just deceased
Unfortunately, I never really had the chance to find out whether or not she was likeable or not, because she died of cancer not long after my wife and I were married.
There are no words to describe. She's just like the mother from 'Everyone Loves Raymond' only way more vindictive and intrusive.
Voted : Pain in my ass
She asked to go to the hospital with her son my husband for a gallbladder surgery and she wanted to leave 30 min in! Said she had things she could be doing! Hello? Why the hell did you come in the first place? Oh, I know, to pretend you "love" your kid! This lady kills me. And her son just doesn't see how selfish, self centered she really is!
Mine is a complete pain in the ass. She is always just trying to piss us off and she always thinks shes right and trys to give us her opinion on everything.
Actually, the correct plural is "Mothers in Law" not "Mother in Laws."
Voted : Great person
My ex-mother-in-law is great! Even though I'm divorced now, I still go visit or call her sometimes.
no, she was great in the sack
why are mother in laws are bitches?

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