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[+] ballot by Elashia

First of all no i am not in the KKK.
I just have a question and am curious.
I really am unsure about the answer so i will ask you.

Is it right that a black people to call eachother n*ggers, but if a white person calls an african american this then he is racist and will more then likely get the sh*t kicked out of him?
White people dont call eachother crackers, so if a black person calls them this would they be hypocrits? I would say no only because white people dont call eachother crackers.

Should Black people have to choose one of the two.
1st option- Just stop using the word n*gger which is a word tied to racism
2nd option- allow any color to use this word as freely as they do.

I believe due to the word n*gger having strong ties to racism and It is in insulting word. It is a very offending word that discrases the african americans around the world. So why do you so freely call eachother this? And why is it only insulting if a white person calls you this?

Please comment and state your gender and race, as I am sure that a person that has a different race would have a different point of view then me, some little white racist cracker.
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because Yes, niggers are indeed rayciss.

Black people have to choose between the two options
Your Wrong, it makes sense that African americans call eachother n*ggers but white people cant
Undecided/ not sure
Your racist
Not all blacks are racist
Comment below
little white racist cracker
many black people are racist
The use of the word is ignorant, and the word should be banned from usage by everyone.
I always call my friends crackers and honkies and they do it back.
blacks are more racist and those words should not ever be used
It's probably best not to use offensive words to people's faces..
they are racist but not nearly as racist as whites
Both races are equally racist
All races have some racist people. Blacks are no exception.

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It is still thriving, the only difference is, it is now not vocalised but hidden.

In the UK Black people prefer the term black, and have no need to prefix with British black or British Asian.

The real problems seem to be a greater chasm between rich and poor and white, black, Asian or other are in the same boat when it comes to the bottom of the ladder.

Racists come in all skin colors, all religions and all social strata.
Being a racist is a conscious choice.

I have witnessed far more racism coming from black people than white, including violence, intimidation, name calling etc etc.

But thats ok, because they are a "minority", and they CANT be racist.

Nine out of ten "interracial" violent crimes are black on white - not the other way around.
It's disrespectful to use the N word. Most people that use it don't even know the true meaning of the word. And yes, it is a racist insult, because that's how it's meant when most people use the word. You don't have to be black to be a racist, like Black_Lava said, it comes in all skin colors and religions.
And for the record, I'm white.

^What Black_Lava said.
If I say that *some* blacks are racist, will i downvoted by the ignorant Politically Correct police?
I'm not even going to try to explain this. It is like trying to explain to people why team mascots such as "Redskins" are offensive to me. People have their own mind made up and have next to zero knowledge of other subcultures nor any real desire to learn.

Let me ask this. Why don't you ask a black person why it is acceptable for them? Get out of the suburbs every now and then. It might be good for you.

" White people dont call eachother crackers"

White people call other white people "rednecks" don't they?

You dont have to be black to be racist, this is true. Some white and some black people are racist. Evil comes in all colors.

Bostonians comment seems interesting. Is thier a higher percent of racist black people or white? I really cant say, race is commonly talked about in the black society but rarly in the white.

But back to my original question if blacks can use a term such as n*gger in a non offensive way, are not white people capable of this too? Would it be rasict to assume that the white person is being an asshole white supremest by using the term in a nice way?

I think it is a racist term that should allways be offencive and allways avoided by any race.

Then other terms like redskins, wetbacks, rednecks, they are usually seen as offensive but why cant redskins be a team mascot? maybe double think. although some may be offended by slightly less strong terms what sould be allowed what what should be prohibited?

One native american group got even by calling their sports team the fighting whites.
White people can use the word "nigger", it depends on context.

For example, it's used in the song "Oliver's Army" by Elvis Costello.


"People have their own mind made up and have next to zero knowledge of other subcultures"

If you are alluding to some idea of a "native American" subculture that the majority should learn about, then I disagree. Thats like saying people should learn about ancient greek culture, or they are ignorant. You are (part) native American genetically, but exactly how much do you have in common with the Native Americans way of life? Zero would be my guess.

"Why don't you ask a black person why it is acceptable for them? Get out of the suburbs every now and then"

That comment leads me to two possible conclusions;

1) You are bullet and stab proof

2)You are asking people to perform a ridiculous task, fully aware that they cant, to paint them as unwilling to learn about other "subcultures" i.e ignorant.

3) You are genuinly unaware of the possible consequences of wandering into a black neighbourhood and asking black people why they call each other ni**ers, i.e you are either naive or stupid.

"White people call other white people "rednecks" don't they?"

Yes, the difference being that "redneck" refers firstly to a poor social state, with common characteristics such as lack of education, walking around barefoot, living in Americas South, and shagging ones sister. The fact that most of these people are white is a secondary factor of the word, and is not definitive.

Whereas the word "nigger" is a word that directly refers to people with black skin, i.e African-Americans. Its primary focus is race, not social state.

^^ that should of course, been THREE possible conclusions (statement above last)
It's a stupid clutural thing. I've had it explained to me, by younger cousins of mine, that it's a form of Black empowerment, their way of reclaiming their dignity from their past oppression. I think I could've sold him oceanfront property south of Rapid City that day, had I not walked away shaking my head.
Ask a black person who their favorite sports star is. I guarantee you it will not be a white person.


Racists did not even choose their parents or their skin colour which is a laughable fact! It's like a white

dog believing that it sh!ts precious gold and is superior to brown and black haired dogs. Wrong

assumptions, wrong conclusions, wrong and harmful intentions...

But I guess if it makes a racist feel good, to put down people from other cultures or races, then it must be

worth the cheap thrills, because that person's life must be so sad and depressing... if putting other

people down for their appearances which they cannot change is the only satisfaction they can get in their

miserable lives, then at least it makes them feel good and builds up their false sense of security and

self-worth... it feels like some kind of "accomplishment" to inherit genes from their parents, assumed to be

from a "superior" breed of humans, like receiving a winning LOTTO ticket!

Whatever makes them happy... as long as they keep that BS to themselves, it doesn't matter anyway! It's

easy enough to avoid and ignore such Hitler admirers and Nazi wannabes... Their unjustifiable hatred and

contempt against people of other darker races is pointless and a total waste of energy. They know that they

are the minority (11%) of the world's population, so they have to try to feel important and good about

themselves somehow!

Don't get me wrong, I like people from all races, including some white friends in my own personal life...

but the one race I have noticed which does not get along well with most of the other races, are the

caucasians, because many whites tend to treat people from other races as inferior, incompetent and unworthy

of being trusted. The smart whites don't buy that BS and treat blacks and asians, as brothers, friends and

as close as any family members.

Racist people love putting contemptuous (but false) labels on people from other races, assuming that they

are inferior just because people like them do not appear much on TV, news, movies or their brainwashing mass

media! So they naturally assume that non-whites are not worthy of respect, and cannot be trusted or admired

as role models... Racist people always have to believe: "Whites can do it better" and will find every

opportunity to criticize, ignore, put-down, and/or belittle non-whites and their great achievements.

Don't forget where most of your manufactured products, clothes and cars come from! Who made them?

Most likely, not made by a white person...

Not all black people are not racist, but they are smart enough to know how many racist white people are cruel, insulting and looking for an opportunity to put-down or speak disparagingly and like nit-pickers towards dark skinned people... in order to feel better about themselves, because they are supposed to be superior!


^Im sorry, I refuse to read your comments until you stop double spacing the lines. Its not big and its not clever, and if anything it takes the attention AWAY from your argument.

Seriously, its offensive on the eyes.

and rude to the ballot maker, as it effectively spams their ballot and stops all conversation.
blackcat06, methinks you're misinterpreting the point of the ballot.
Racism is not confined to any one race.

Feel better, mto601811?

Voted : Comment below
My father in law was just shot by two "poor young black children with guns" and THEY called him an old ass cracka. But that is probably nowhere NEAR as offensive as calling them a "nigger" it really ticks me off.

But i know alot of black people are not like this, these ones that are racist themselves and playing the race card are the ones that really piss me off.

I think it would be ok for black people to call eachother n***ers because it doesn't make sense why only they can say it amongst themselves but when a white person says it their offended. Like I'm white and if someone were to call me a cracker or a honky I really wouldn't care. I wouldn't flip out or anything but then again It's most likely different for blacks since they've had this history of slavery throughout time.
The races do tend to be clannish, cohesive, self-promoting...
Isn't this rather normal? To prefer and identify with your own? It's only when it gets out of hand and results in harm or attacks or violence, that it's a problem...
We are what we are, if we prefer our own race over any other, that should be OK.

Voted : Comment below
You are not entitled to an explanation. We get tired of explaining to white people why some blacks choose to use that term. Why is that white people always ask why we say it but they cant? So you can can have more reason to use it and justify it by saying we say it all the time. GET OVER IT!
Voted : It's probably best not to use offensive words to people's faces..
..for people are SO sensitive nowadays that the least little thing will send them into a frenzy and possibly harmful activity, I hate pain and wounds and my blood flowing freely and there I lie dead :-)
'Calling' people names indicates what, dislike, perhaps even hate, anger, insult, disapproval, perhaps a desire to hurt, even seriously, rejection, unwelcome invasion of ones territory, hostility..
America is in a state of continuous uncontrolled invasion, from outside and from inside.. Invasion of illegals from across the border, invasion of blacks from urban areas to adjoining areas, and elsewhere.. America is doomed, becoming unrecognizable and an evil mishmash of uncontrolable mayhem..
But, 'Are black people racist'? Of course! They stick together like hot sticky tar. See how they vote almost to a man for the black candidate. A state or territory of their own might not be a bad idea. For the sake of peace and freedom for all those concerned.

Black people are racist about the tone of their black skin, I've seen it a lot.
ITs about the content of the word. I dont use the N word but when black people use it, it doesn't have the same meaning as when whites use it. Taking away the N word however will not make racism go away. It can easily be replaced by other words.
Voted : Comment below
it is more exceptable for a black to call another black nigger based on the fact the are the same race and could possible be saying they are better than them because of their race because they are the same race....BUT....For the most part anyone outside the race might be trying to put you in your place because they are assuming they are better than them based on race. Why does this matter? Well for one most people like to have a feel for the people they are around and since nigger has double meaning and some people want to put you "in your place" it will make you cautious about their motives. The world is not a perfect place and everyones intentions are not alway good so people tend to draw line as to not be door mats. i dont believe blacks have the right to insult another race because everyone has feeling. i dont believe that there is a more racist race because there are people in every race that will put another race down to make themselve feel more superior and that is what i believe to be the base logic on rascism (putting someone in the racial place). I personally dont believe in better races only better choice and even that is debatable. Peace to all and God Bless all.
Voted : they are racist but not nearly as racist as whites
blacks are one of the more inclusive races
I've heard black people go on and on talking about slavery, how it is their excuse to racist comments and bla bla bla bla. But hold on, it was their ancestors from 4 - 5 generations ago that suffered from slavery, not their grandfather, not their fathers, and certainly not them. Every one that says black people don't have equal opportunities are immature kids biased by peer pressure. The black people that blame white people for their failures are every single time, high school dropouts, minimum wage job person. Heck, if you were to look at statistics, its easier for a black person to get into college then a white person.

I'm not racist, I just believe that now a days, there is no such thing as prejudice towards a race that would severely affect the persons success. Everyone is what they choose to be. I spend countless nights on weekends studying for exams, whilst other people choose to party. It is my choice to work hard and earn a good life. I don't sit around and blame the "system" for not getting everything spoon feed.

Voted : Comment below
Well if this is an honest question let me try to answer. (yes I am Black)FIRST off (and you kinda shot yourself in the foot)you have ASSUMED that Black people "call each other ni55er". Not every Black person uses that word. I am not saying that I have never used that word with another Black person. Yes when I was about 18-19-20 years old. But I am 37 now with grown kids of my own. I don't use that word or allow it in my home. Lol! My wife would tell you. SECONDLY:You cannot ASSUME that if a White person called a Black person this or used it he "would get the crap kicked out of him". Personally having spent 10 years in the military,if my life wasn't in danger,I'd walk away. Now being from NYC and stationed in Norfolk,VA,I have INDEED heard White people refer to others as "crackers". Not racist mind you. I think some of the old school Southern white guys could explain this to you better than me. FINALLY:You seem to make the mistake that those who don't necessarily know any Black people either outside of the workplace or just what you see on TV. Black people just like Polish,Chinese,Spanish,etc people DO NOT HAVE A HIVE MINDSET. I am as different from the other 37 year old Panamanian Black man in NYC as you are from the next White person. Some Black people LOVE that "N-word". Some Black people HATE that "N-word". Some could care less even if the Grand Wizard said it. As long as he keeps it moving. Yes Blacks can be racist. ANYONE can be a racist. A bigot. Prejudice. But IMHO what I am reading is what some Whites THINK Blacks are like. It's not like someone has done a poll with thousands of diverse Black people. It's like this is what you THINK Black people "think". Kinda like that TIRED DEAD "the White man's keepin' me down"! Trust me,I'm sure there are some Black folks who think like that but the ones I grew up with never said it around me. Anyway,hope this helps. Peace!
Voted : Black people have to choose between the two options
lacks around the world aren't African American because they're not from America, Blacks from America aren't African American because they're not from Africa, they are Americans who happen to be black.

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