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In your experience who are generally more racist, Black people or white people?
Due to race being an issue I am going to seperate the answers racially too.
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I am Black; Black people are more racist
I am Black; White people are more racist
I am White; Black people are more racist
I am White; White people are more racist

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Voted : I am Black; Black people are more racist
I've had more grief from darker-skinned Blacks than any other race, because of the "accident" of my birth.
How about "none of the above"?
I've heard of darker skinned blacks having feelings of disdain for blacks of a lighter complection, which seems odd to me. When I was in high school I got shit from blacks for being white. Are they more racist, hell I hate to say it but I believe they are at least in the bay area. I have never in my life witnessed a black person being harassed by a white person for being black. I know it happens but I've never seen it.
About the same. I think. Not including history.
Wasnt this ballot done just a little while ago?

I think the conclusion was that, contrary to what the media might have you think, black on white racism is FAR more common than the opposite.

As for whether they are inherently more racist, I do not know.
Racism is an exercise in ignorance and is not connected to one race any more than another.
of course they are. They always play the race card to get there way. Always blame the whitey. They have everything and cant seem to make a dam thing out of themselves.
What xhiker said.
I'm a cracka-ass-cracka and I find that both groups are equal opportunity offenders.
crap; sorry i should have added they are equally racist, sorry
Oh Hell Yes! Ask them who their favorite sports star is. I guarantee you it will not be a white person!
I don't know if picking a favorite sports star can really be called 'racism' given that vast majority of the popular sports stars in football and basketball are black.
Black people are DEFINATLY more racist. At least here in Cali anyway...
i'll say this once and only once.. A wanker is a wanker no matter what colour.
haha Oh my god....I really need to visit this site more often
Voted : I am White; White people are more racist
Read history. Black africans in particular have been abused by every one. By asians, europeans, americans, romans, even egyptians.

Probably many more.

They are the poor relatives of the movement out of africa. the ancestors so to speak. Like a child who outgrows his parents. The child can be said to abuse the legacy of the parents. The parents cannot be said to abuse the legacy of the child. Abuse the child perhaps. But thats a different story.

Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
I prefer complete apartheit, wherever it's necessary, which lasts forever and nobody will be the worse for it.
If I would like to be with my own only for hundreds of miles around, that's my business. White only, here, black only there, 100 miles away, how relaxing that would be..
indiscriminate mixing is not a good idea..
Perhaps the negrofiles would enjoy living in the Neutral Zone beyond the toppled Statue of Liberty?

Well... I keep hearing most dark skinned people:

'White people treat us like crap! They act as though we are below them and they're the best!'

...I've got a lot of things to say about that. First of all, it's extremely racist to believe that all white people think that by judging from a few people's opinions. And second of all, if you believe this so dang much, why don't you just prove them wrong by rising above them and not getting all pissed and wasting energy being mad? Not all black people are like that. In fact, my dark friends and their parents are not like that at all. But from things I read and watch on TV , a lot of people are just getting all mad and that's not solving anything.

Now, I know plenty of racist whites. My own parents are extremely racist. All of their black jokes make me sick, so the way I see it, were all at fault. Get over it. We are all a little bit, if not a lot, racist. Starting wars and fights will not solve anything. So it's pretty much mutual.

By the way, I just read some things down below and I want to comment on that as well. Slavery is long gone. Us whites, in this current generation, did not do that to black people. We have been raised differently and have far different morals. It's not like you guys were the ones forced into work. Don't give us crap about something we never did.

Voted : I am White; White people are more racist
whites are way more racist than blacks. i tried doing a search for black power websites and couldnt find any. searched for white power sites and founds tons.
Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
Flare you should try searching for the black panthers or black panther party
First off, Let me say I'm not a racist. I wont explain. But I'm sure someone will try to read it into my following statement. I'm not sure that any one race is any "more racist" than any other. But if you watch a comedian you dont hear white ones making black jokes. But you'll hear plenty of black ones making black jokes. Try to do a search for a White Entertainment Television. Or find the Miss White America pageant. I just don't understand why if you're black and you stand up for your race you're standing up for your heritage. But if you're white and you do it you're racist. What would happen if a white person got on television and said we need to exterminate all black people ? Well here is a black man saying those exact words about white people. And nobody said anything about it. In my opinion it is just fine to be racist. As long as you're not white.
Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
black people are more racist bet not wet in my home town we have the black pages they can say red necks we cant say anything like that to them we are racist the age today was not affected by racesium but they rap about it stupid and the naacp for blacks black collages i can go on and on
also people voted for the first black pres dont cae about his views but he is black and he is also muslim he said it in and interview and also says there is 51 states the muslim belief believes that but black people dont care they just see he is black that is stupied they have the bet awards but not the wet awards thats racist black pride brown pride not racist white pride racist stupied
Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
I have lived around many black people throughout my life and have seen more black racists than I have white. There are so many times that black women in particular would not allow me in their homes because I was white. I have never had a white person tell me that I could not bring my black friends into their homes. I have seen so many racist black people in my life that it is enough to make anyone sick.
Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
Wake up people....did the 2008 election not prove anything?? 96% of black voters voted for Obama....I would say just a TAD bit racist, ya think??
^What's more, did you know over 80% of both blacks and latinos who participated in the Californian ballot proposition "proposition 8" VOTED FOR prop 8? Prop eight nixing the right for homosexuals to marry. You'd think that the african american community in general, who had to tirelessly fight for equality for decades, would overwhelmingly detract such fascist ignorant and unconstitutional "initiatives." I guess not. I guess all we can really expect is black nationalist pro-segregationist fat pieces of shit like Al 'Slim Shady' Sharpton to question authority when it suits "his" 'cause'.
Voted : I am Black; Black people are more racist

Blacks are definitely without a doubt ore racist than white supremacists. They're like little babies, always looking for attention & always starting things, but never finishing them. They're the babies/children of the universe. they're savage gorillas making havoc & lives miserable especially when they don't get their way. Not all of them are like that, but still. It's like we're their babysitters & we have to spoil & cater to them & even then, they're ungrateful & on top of that still beg for more.

i don't think its a problem with who's more racist..

in fact studies(experiments) have shown that white people are more racist/prejudice

when it comes to blacks its not that they are more racist but rather they have been taught to be weary of forgive but not forget..

and as far as prop.8,,,its not how you are making it,,you assume that blacks should be on your side because both parties are "minorities" but it could be that blacks feel like they were born a minority and homosexuals were not

Voted : I am White; Black people are more racist
Black people tend to be in love with themselves and hate whites. What really drives the blacks crazy is when they pull out the cherished "race card", make the "slavery speech", & we yawn or laugh! : )
there is no competition. white people are 100 times more racist. you can't bully the black population for 100yrs, and then call them racist because they resent what has been done to them. blacks have respects for all kinds of cultures. the problem with blacks is that they are too nice, that is why white people are scavenging all of Africa's natural resources as we speak
What about those Hispanic or Arab's feelings on that.

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