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this ballot was closed by maintainer :
LCD : on Oct 08, 2014 because Not the slit eyed rice nigger countries.


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LCD, Persians are beautiful. Why did you wipe that? The other ones I understand, but that was the only sincere one. Iran is still in Asia,no?
** karma **
^^^LCD - Please do something about this bullying of Lovelynice, ALL of her perfectly reasonable comments on various subjects and I mean ALL are being karma blocked/censored by the same user who happens to be a maintainer, I have better things to be doing than going around the site undoing his/her dirty work.
Lol, this idiot is just pissed because I f*cked with his alias.

See evidence below that dick_from_dublin is a two faced hypocrit regarding his views on neg Karma.

Thu Aug 24, 06 12:32pm Received karma rating of : -5 from Ken_from_Dublin
For the Ballot comment#1059562 @

Make that four. Four. Sad. So, so sad.
by Beauregard on Thu Aug 24, 06 7:11pm

consider yourself lucky. he's hit me with about 6 pages solid of -5 karmas and 4 of -5 auras from several different accounts.
by neothe1 on Thu Aug 24, 06 8:12pm

Hahaha what a two faced gimp.
by IC [+]

And here's proof of his alias

Ooops, Ken, you revealed yourself. Look at how ColdCircuit (wink, wink) puts INAPPROPRIATE in all caps just like you did? Now what do you suppose the odds are that last night, it was you and not Lovely that gave me negative ratings when I addrssed my comments to her. Now look. ColdCircuilt gives me negative Karma on her behalf as well. Hmmm, what do you suppose that tells all of us? Lots and lots (wink, winnk). Shows that you are all one and the same person. Shows that you, despite calling everyone else this, are the shill trolls. Lallalalllaalllaaalllaalllaaallaal. ColdCircuit = LovelyNice=Ken. Connection made. Prove. Ha! Keep abusing Karma. Please.

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1059562 @
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:28am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1059562 @
INAPPROPRIATE - she's far more honest then you are
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:27am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1059857 @
INAPPROPRIATE - offensive and lies again
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:25am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1059902 @
INAPPROPRIATE - offensive and lies
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:25am

Received karma rating of : 0 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1059902 @
INAPPROPRIATE - offensive and lies
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:24am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1060085 @
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:17am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1060089 @
SPAM - never spam
Fri Aug 25, 06 10:16am

Received karma rating of : -5 from Coldcircuit
For the Ballot comment#1060087 @
SPAM - never spam, or you'll get booted

^ So to sum it up. Ken appears out of now place last night to rate down comments I made to Lovelynice (him) and he uses the word INAPPROPRIATE in all caps. Now today, surprise!! Here comes ColdCircuit (Ken) to rate down comments I made to Lovelnice once again. Now come on kids. We're not stupid.

The more you rage, the more you expose yourself. Love ya!
by Beauregard
by IC [+]

{ The word INAPPROPRIATE all in caps proves ...
by IC on Sun Nov 12, 06 2:38am}

proves that those people used the Karma rating feature only, and clicked on the term "INAPPROPIATE".

Try it sometime - it always pops up in CAPITALS on the rating on your karma page and the other person's. Same with any of the other little words on the feature when they are clicked on.

I can't believe that I've had to explain how the karma system on this site works and the results to a "maintainer" who should already know these things.

Some people also use CAPITALS because they emphasize a point. I know dozens of people on this site who use CAPITALS when doing this. Are you trying to claim that EVERY PERSON who uses CAPITALS are all the same person...despite any differences in IP addresses, spelling, operating systems used by the PCs, browsers, and being in completely different countries?

LCD, as the site owner can see such details, I'm sure. When I've run a website, I've always been able to check into the details of the browser, operating system, ISP, IP address, country, etc... the information is on the cookies. Very few things are hidden. That's why LCD can check and know that I'm not Ken_from_Dublin, nor am I passiveson (which you rated me down WRONGLY for being), nor any of those other people.

So what it really comes down to is this;

You rated me down WRONGLY for being passiveson, then continued to rate me down when I called you out on it because you were acting like a psycho nutter for doing this (rating down one person on the assumption that they are an alias of someone else), and when you got caught out, and it became widely known that I'm DEFINITELY NOT passiveson, you have since decided to lie about it, carry on with arrogance and bravado in effort to avoid apologising - which you really do need to do, by the way.

So, since you got it wrong, how about doing a really simpe thing and admit that you got it wrong, and apologise ...or are such a child that you are too scared of losing face?

Voted : Nepal
Nepal. You should go there.
philippine women are the most beautiful ones. they are gifted with a wonderful tan skin. they are naturally beautiful. russia? yes, they are. i think russians will be on my top 10, not top 2. they just have the height, not beauty
Welcome to another horribly unreliable vote-spammned ballot with no crediblility whatsoever.

Watch as the votes for the vote-spammer's voices climb by upto hundreds of votes a day as he tries desperately to compensate for his small mind and flacid impotency.

no questions-RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't classify Russians as being Asian.
Philippines 23%
phillipines 1%

How come PHILIPPINES has 2 names here? Just add 'em! It's unfair to them they must be on the top spot! Just a thought guys... They're undeniably beautiful...

For me,
the country with the most churches and math geniuses. I chose the one with the most Catholics because they're beautiful inside. It's always inside that counts.


It's all fair, no country with the best and worst. I mean how can u know how many beautiful women are in a certain place.

Ok, just a comment guys.

I think Kristine Hermosa was a really beautiful woman in the entire world.(besides my mom of course haha)
She was my favorite actress afterall.

Just search for her photo.

I don't know how people are voting. I traveled a lot in Asia. I travelled 3 time INDIA, 2 time Pakistan, 6 time Thailand, 1 time Malayashia/Singapore,Philipine.
BUT WAS SURPRISING.......Majority of Indians are ugly. They have above 1.2 billion population and they select only dozens for films and people around the World think they are beautiful. But reality is I don't like Indians. PAKISTANIS ARE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATION after FRENCH IN THE WORLD. Just search utube PAKISTAN MODELS. and you will judge.

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