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Ever been to a cemetery that just creeps you out? Which is the most haunted cemetery in America?

Athens Mental Hospital Cemetery ~ Athens, Ohio
Batchelors Grove Cemetery ~ Chicago, Illinois
Chestnut Hill Cemetery ~ Exeter, Rhode Island
Christ Church Cemetery ~ St. Simon's Island, Georgia
Columbus Mental Hospital Cemeteries ~ Columbus, Ohio
Erie Street Cemetery ~ Cleveland, Ohio
El Campo Santo Cemetery ~ San Diego, California
Garden of Hope Cemetery ~ Gautier, Mississippi
Greenwood Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Hollywood Memorial Park ~ Los Angeles, California
Lafayette Cemetery ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Resurrection Cemetery ~ Chicago, Illinois
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Silver Cliff Cemetery ~ Silver Cliff, Colorado
Stepp Cemetery ~ Bloomington, Indiana
Stull Cemetery ~ Kansas City, Kansas
Western Burial Ground ~ Baltimore, Maryland
White Cemetery ~ Barrington, Illinois
Boothill Cemetery ~ Tombstone, Arizona
Bethlehem Cemetery ~ St. Louis, Missouri
Old Center Cemetery ~ Andover, New Hampshire
Rouse Road Cemetery ~ Orlando, Florida
Quaker Cemetery ~ Worcester, Massachusetts
Sleepy Hollow cemetery ~ Concord, Massachusetts
Arlington National Cemetery
Devil's Turnaround Cemetery ~ Atlanta, Georgia
Chapel of the Cross Cemetery ~ Madison County, Mississippi
Union Cemetery ~ Easton, Connecticut
Cave Hill Cemetery - Louisville, Kentucky
Westminister Cemetery & Catacombs ~ Baltimore, Maryland
Lovers Lane Cemetery ~ Leavittsburg, Ohio
Salem Cemetery ~ Hendrysberg, Ohio
Peck Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ Atoka, Tennessee
McConnio Cemetery ~ Evergreen, Alabama
Los Angeles Pet Cemetery ~ Calabasas, California
Wolfinger Cemetery ~ Toledo, Ohio
Anderson Cemetery (Graveyard X) ~ Palmer, Illinois
Huguenot Cemetery ~ St. Augustine, Florida
Bonadventure Cemetery ~ Savannah, Georgia
Patrick Cemetery ~ China Springs, Texas
Lick Creek Cemetery ~ Dawson Springs, Kentucky
Baker Hollow Road Cemetery ~ Marion, Kentucky
Slave Cemetery ~ Brattonsville, South Carolina
Crooked Mile cemetery ~ Merritt Island, Florida
woodlawn cemetery~ toledo ohio
algonquin cemitary, algonquin Illinios
Elizabeth's Grave, Chillicothe, OH
whispering pines decatur tn
Hillside cemetery ~ Cuero, Texas
Albany Rural cemetery ~ Albany, New York
Springhill cemetery ~ Brooksville, Florida
Chestnut Hill cemetery ~ Exeter, Rhode Island
West Middlebury Cemetery ~ West Middlebury, New York

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The cemeteries in and around New Orleans are creepy. With the above ground Crypts and the Moss hanging from the trees, it's quite spooky even during the daytime.
Voted : Boothill Cemetery ~ Tombstone, Arizona
^ I havent been there yet, but would love to go.

The Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone, AZ is supposed to be haunted. Actually there are several old places in Tombstone that have been known for unexplained activity.

The cemetery near where I grew up was pretty creepy. The older section was in a lightly wooded section with old oak and pine trees. Some of the small underground tombs were so old and caved in that you probably could have gotten to the body by just moving a few bricks aside. There was one old grave we noticed that had grass growing on it higher than the grass nearby. We never could figure out a reason for it. Odd.
Let me tell you about my scary cemetary story. I went to Pittsburgh to visit my boyfriend's home. While there, one evening, he drove me to see an old cemetary. While there, I saw the image of a much older cemetary "floating" above the one that was there. He was looking in the glove compartment at the time and when he looked up, the image was gone.
Quaker Cemetery ~ Worcester, Massachusetts
Called Spider Gates because it has eight gates, this cemetery is said to be very dangerous. Starting at the first gate it is said that one will hear whispers and notice leaves moving around when the wind is calm. As one gets closer to the eighth gate, it is said they will feel the sensation of someone brushing against them. Others have reported seeing people walking aimlessly around graves. As one gets closer to the eight gate, the sensations and images become so strong that most people faint. No one has ever made it to the eight gate. It is said that some have suffered massive heart attacks and died because they were over come with fear.

^There's probably a false bottom in front of the eighth gate or something. Just so they can perpetuate the legend and continue stealing cemetery jobs from REAL Americans.
Voted : St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
I'm just pickin the one I've been too :)
by Jyl [+]

to I mean :|
by Jyl [+]

Voted : Union Cemetery ~ Easton, Connecticut
Visitors to the Union Cemetery in Easton have told tales of chatting with life-like apparitions who disappear after a couple of minutes. Reports of a mysterious white lady wandering through the trees and headstones of the Union Cemetery are whispered throughout town.
Voted : Lovers Lane Cemetery ~ Leavittsburg, Ohio
This little graveyard on the river is located between Warren and Leavittsburg. It is said to be haunted by a mysterious "lady in white" who bothers the lovers who come here for the seclusion. Another legend says that spirits were riled up when erosion started pulling their coffins out of the ground and dropping them in the river.
Voted : Greenwood Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. A ghost boy named Michael walks among the graves in this cemetery. Sometimes he can get very angry and run up to a visitor and punch them, or try to knock them down. The ghosts of flood victims are believed to haunt this cemetery as well, particularly a girl named Maggie Jane, who follows visitors then wave goodbye to them as they leave. A witch is also believed to haunt this cemetery.
Voted : Salem Cemetery ~ Hendrysberg, Ohio
Salem Cemetery in Hendrysberg, Ohio. The ghost of Kirkwood Township's first murdered citizen haunts this cemetery, Louiza Fox. She has been seen crying at her grave and has been seen at the site of her murder. Hounds from Hell, or ghost dogs are believed to roam and growl their way through this cemetery. Some believe they exist to keep the ghosts from escaping.

Voted : Peck Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Strange lights and apparitions are said to have been witnessed in this cemetery. Blue light has been seen flickering above and weaving its way around gravestones, only to disappear in the nearby woods. Occultists are believed to meet in this cemetery, which, some believe, stir up the dead and make ghosts more active.
Chestnut Hill Cemetery in Exeter Rhode Island.

This cemetery boasts the ghost of Marcy Brown, a poor young girl who died in 1892. Supposedly, she visited her father every night after her death, pleading with him for food. The father grew to believe his daughter had become a vampire, and convinced the local officials to exhume her body and drain it of remaining blood and remove her organs. This violating act may just be the reason Marcy Brown haunts this cemetery day and night.

Voted : Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ Atoka, Tennessee
Located in Atoka, the Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church cemetery is infamous for its paranormal activity. Visitors to the old cemetery (which was established in the 1850's) report encountering unfriendly spirits such as long-dead criminals, ferocious beasts, and even the ghosts of malicious children. Even folks who do not believe in ghosts claim to have encounter wild animals in the cemetery late at night.
Voted : McConnio Cemetery ~ Evergreen, Alabama
Respected locals, individuals and passers by have reported strange events in this cemetery since 1865. Phantoms of Union soldiers have been seen riding their horses across the graveyard. Ghostly parades of troops march in lines with bandages rapped around their heads. Men in Civil War uniforms wander throughout the area. Even now people visiting the McConnio Cemetery with no knowledge of its ghostly past witness strange vanishing apparitions of soldiers killed in battle.
Voted : Los Angeles Pet Cemetery ~ Calabasas, California
Pets of movie stars and the rich and famous are buried here. There have been sightings of many different animal ghosts playing in this graveyard. The ghost that gets the most attention is the spirit of a great Dane named Kabar. Kabar belonged to Rudolph Valentino. The animal, deceased since 1929, still makes frequent appearances near its grave to lick the people that pass.
Voted : Wolfinger Cemetery ~ Toledo, Ohio
Tombstones dating back to the late 1700's. Very small area surrounded by a forest. Along the far side of the cemetery there are five graves, mother, father and three children all of whom were deceased within weeks of each other. It has been reported that these three children have been seen playing among the tombstones. Particularly a young girl dressed in the style of the late1800's. She wears a blue dress with a white pinafore, and appears to be 10-12 years old.
Voted : Anderson Cemetery (Graveyard X) ~ Palmer, Illinois
is known as a portal haunting site. Ghostly lights are seen throughout the older section of the cemetery grounds, as well as cold spots, shadow people, and intense feelings of dread.
Athens, Ohio is said to be one of the most haunted places in America, and is reputed to contain many ghosts. When drawing a line from each of the five cemeteries around Athens, it forms a pentagram with the center being Ohio University. Ohio University is also considered by some to be the most haunted campus in America, as is the former state hospital, Athens Lunatic Asylum, located right near campus. The FOX show Scariest Places On Earth filmed an episode at various places around Ohio University. According to the British Society for Psychical Research the 13th most haunted place on earth is Athens, Ohio.
Voted : Huguenot Cemetery ~ St. Augustine, Florida
This is clearly one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States. Several spectral manifestations including the phantom body of a headless spirit, found by a caretaker in the early 1800's. The head of the body was never found.
Voted : Bonadventure Cemetery ~ Savannah, Georgia
Once a beautiful estate, built around 1750, caught fire and burned to the ground. Now a moss covered cemetery, the sadness of the proud history of the former estate can be felt throughout the property.
Voted : Patrick Cemetery ~ China Springs, Texas
There is a little graveyard just outside of Waco in China Springs. Cold chills are common, pictures get interesting, and the animals act weird. And rumor has it that if you knock on a certain headstone at midnight, an apparition appears and runs at you screaming extremely loud. Also headstones tend to move around frequently.

Voted : Hillside cemetery ~ Cuero, Texas
This one is creepy, especially when the sun is going down and you can't find the person you're there with!
This cemetary is not haunted! Tresspassers will be prosecuted

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