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I would love to share it. Every year, my sister and I built a carboad fireplace and covered it with brick design corrugated paper. We stuffed it with our red pajamas and put my Dad's emergency auto flashing light behind it. We stapled our socks to it and it looked really cute.

Sorry-forgot to add choices.
Yes i try to forget it though
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Aw, that is a cute story.

Nothing comes to mind, except that I insisted Father Christmas should not come into my room with presents, but leave them outside the door. I didn't want an old man in my bedroom, lol.

cute story. clever little girls.

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My tradition was finding every present my parents hid,
and carefully unwrapping and re-wrapping the ones that weren't hidden.
..looking back it seems I was sneaky little bitch! :)
by Jyl [+]

My brothers and I would decide in advance what chairs we would set in on Christmas morning, don't ask me why, also we never opened packages we knew were clothes until last and even then we didnít' want to.
But now when I look back at Christmas as a child, it's not the toys that I remember, but being with my family, I can picture my mother and father drinking their coffee watching us open our gifts, my brothers coming in my room waking me up telling me it's christmas, a lot of little things, they were good times.

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I remember that when I was around 9 or 10, that my parents got tired of us waking them up at 5am on Christmas morning to open gifts.
So one Christmas Eve after my brothers and I had gone to bed that we were suddenly awakened with a loud "Ho Ho Ho" out in the living room. We scrambled out of our beds running to find Santa, but only found the front door open. My dad said that Santa was in a hurry and that we just missed him.
We got to open all the gifts under the tree and stay up late playing with them. Christmas morning, my parents got to sleep in while we played with our toys for hours!
After that, it became a tradition in my family to open our gifts on Christmas Eve.

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Nope, not a one.
Voted : Yes i try to forget it though
We all meet at my grandmas every year and wait for our stuck up side of the family that gets there at about 10:00 pm and share crappy re-gifts and give eeachother fake smiles and grins because none of us can stand eachother while my grandma yells and nags at everyone and most of us end up in an argument and everyone ends up crying and leaving in's great ;)

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