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[+] joke ballot by LCD

Who do you believe is lesbian (female only), and have yet to come out of the closet?

Let's force them out of the closet!
this ballot was closed by maintainer :
LCD : on Apr 03, 2014 because .

Barbara Walters
Salma Hayak
Jada Pinkett Smith
Joan Crawford (R.I.P.)
Courtney Love
Natalie Maines
Dolly Pardon
Lindsay Lohan
Jodie Foster
jill hennessy
Jessica Biel
That crazy nazi bitch Ann Coulter
Hillary Clinton
Anne Hathaway (why not? Her Princess Diaries co-star Heather Matarazzo already came out...)
Richard Simmons
Bruce Jenner
Lily Tomlin
Jennifer Beals
Dolly Parton
Jillian Michaels
If they prefer the closet, let it be, let them be
Condoleeza Rice
Michelle Obama

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ahh, force yourself out ya' hypocritical hater.
^ develop a sense of humor!

so by your argument, fflsd who posted ballot #97635 - is Oprah a lesbian is a homophobe hater??

by LCD [+]

^ relax. and my answer to you is to police the anti-gay comments that call for violence on gay people the same way you do on comments that are derogotory against black, asians, hispanics of muslims. we haven't seeyou do that. let's not go down this road again -- trust me!
Nobody can stop me! I'm the unstoppable gay bashin' machine! - relax ya misery, comments like my ones are just a bit of fun.
Salma Hayek?
by aya [+]

Voted : Oprah
^What aya said,what makes anybody think that Salma Hayek is gay?
A lot of people think Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have a thing going. I don't believe it but that's been a long-standing rumor.
Damn can't two women be good friends in Hollywood friends without some perv accussing them of being gay?
Voted : Barbara Walters
I don't know why, but she seems like one.
Voted : Lindsay Lohan
She only dated Wilmer Valderrama because he kinda looks and acts like a girl...
Voted : Jessica Biel
Have to toss her in, because there've been two pics taken of her leaving women's houses late at night. The women were half-dressed, and she gave both women kisses. *Not* "bye-bye, see you later, pal" kisses. Kisses that said "Next time, don't forget to bring the toys." And Jodie's been out for years, whoever tacked her up on the list. I have an old friend who still mourns the moment he learned of it.
Voted : Jodie Foster
I think she could be
Voted : Jodie Foster
I've always thought she was.
Voted : Oprah
Oprah and you know it.
Voted : jill hennessy
i would love to find out jill hennessy was a lesbian, lol. my husband would just have to watch, lol.

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