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[+] joke ballot by thesoothsayer

After the results for the actress ballot with the same question, I'd settle for 10% of those votes...So who is it, whether for curiosity, attraction, comparison, or just for the heck of it ?
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LCD : on Apr 03, 2014 because .

Tom Cruise
Ben Affleck
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Connery
Wesley Snipes
The actor who starred in "boys don't cry"
Channing Tatum
Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake
Orlando Bloom
Marlon Brando
Denzel Washington
Jack Black
Jake Gyllenhaal
amrita rao
Casper van dien
Zac Efron
Keanu Reeves
Joe Jonas
Kurt Russell
ashwaria rai
johnathan taylor thomas
johnny depp
shahid kapoor
Eric Close
Hayden Christensen
Zach Braff
marcos navarro
Ryan Reynolds
Drew Seeley
Daniel radcliffe
George Clooney
Ben Browder
leonardo dicaprio
David Tennant
Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vern in "Harry Potter")
Chi McBride
Lyle Lovett
Harvey Fierstein
ALL OF THEM! Except that guy >>>
jonatan russ-meyer
gerard butler
jim carrey
Jessie McCartny
Dominic Monaghan
Mario van Peebles
jude law
Chris Brown
Paul Walker
Oded Fehr
Ray Winstone
Daniel Radcilf
Not one of them!
Chris Farley (fat and that sick or what?)
shawn wayans
Jesse metcalfe
Chris Angel
Lucas Grabeel
matthew fox
kelsey grammer
Salman Khan
wentworth miller
christopher meloni
paolo villaggio
Tom Felton
paul rudd
Simon Cowell (American Idol judge)
aaron carter
vincent d'onofrio
vin desiel
Rush Limbaugh on Viagra
Drew Carey
john abrahm
Jack Nicholson
nicholas cage
josh harnett
josh hutcherson
Al Gore
michael winner
nick jonas
Steve Carell
roberto bolle
jared leto
Daniel Radcliff
mario cimmaro
mitch hewer
William Shatner
nick carter
Robert hoffman
riccardo scamarcio
randy orton
austin butler
corbin bleu
David Boreanaz (Angel)
Tony Romo
ryan carnes
max thieriot
Shia LaBeouf
david henery
scott mechlowicz
cole sprouce
Johnny Knoxville
Nicholas Lemons (google him girls ;)
robbie amell
Jonas Brothers
bruce willis
TR knight
piolo pascual
jake t austin
Mini Me
Ryan Phillippe
Robert Downey Jr
peter andre
clark gable
anthony hopkins
Alan Ritchson
Brian J White
alfred vargas
john abraham
brian krause
Ray J
Jared Padalecki
hritik roshan
ving rhames
steven strait
corbin blue
Ian Somerhalder
Eric Mabius (Daniel Meade of ''Ugly Betty'')
Sam Milby from The Philippines
Yamashita Tomohisa
Carter Jenkins
Calvin Goldspink
james maslow
Boo Boo Stewart
Ross Lynch

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Voted : Someone better lookiing than the guy in THIS image
Give women a seriously SEXY picture of a guy, not something goofy like this....

And people wonder why women don't seem to be as "seriously" interested in the male body as men are in the famele body. It's because women are seldom shown truly sexy, vulnerable images of the male body. When these images are shown to men as well as women, these images are often made to look a "silly", like the image we have here.

And please note that LCD's ballot asking which actress people would want to see nude, it was not a "joke" ballot. This image you now give us shows what men would like women to feel, that their heterosexuality is a big joke.
forgetmenot - You could have posted a picture of anyone who you feel fit that description that you suggested, however, keep in mind this is not an adult ballot, it was not my intent to find and "expose" (good or bad) any actor per se... don't get so serious...had you mentioned who you wanted to see, perhaps people who do a little research and maybe agree with you choice...
Voted : Justin Timberlake
It's such a hard decision...i wanna see so many
oh and that would be for attraction, hehe

Voted : Orlando Bloom
He can "bloom" for me anytime. No joking.
Channing is winning, that's awesome! He has the perfect body, so does Brad pitt in fight club though...drop dead sexy
Channing, Justin and Brad Pitt, and that Tyler guy!
Voted : George Clooney
some people get really snooty when they become famous.

I would like to see Clooney, maybe that would bring him down a peg or two.
by LCD [+]

Voted : ALL OF THEM! Except that guy >>>
ALL OF THEM NUDE. Except dude in pic~!
(error in image display)

Just kidding...

Scarlett Johansson, and since we all do,

Voted : Ben Browder
Just voted "Sexiest Man Alive". What do you think?
Scarlett Johansen is a man?
Voted : Simon Cowell (American Idol judge)
English, cute, what a personality, character
Voted : johnny depp
Johnny Depp.. for sure! But only if he's wearing eyeliner!!!!
Dear Sir,

Good Humor! Paris Hilton.


Dr. L Hansson

austin butler=total DILF
Voted : vincent d'onofrio
Oh my gosh, that's so hard. Don't make me pick one!!!
Every time I see that picture, I'm more attracted to that guy...
I have to tell you guys, I just watched A League of Their Own, and right now, Tom Hanks stripping in front of me wouldn't be such a bad idea....
Voted : George Clooney
georrrrrge clooooooooony
*fans self*

Voted : Justin Timberlake
Hmm Matthew Mcconaughey, Johnny Knoxville, Juliam Casablancas .... my list goes on and on girls..
Haha.. Kitty's definately back.
Voted : Ryan Reynolds
My eyes instantly locked onto Ryan Reynolds. Fuck yes.

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