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On average less than .1% (yes one in a 1000) men have penises that are 9 inches or longer. But since most women have sex with more than one man in their lifetime the chances of encountering one that size goes up with each new partner. Just click your answer below.

Women. In inches, what is the longest penis you've had?
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Shorter than 5 inches
5 to 6 inches
6 to 7 inches
8 to 9 inches
9 to 10 inches
10 to 11 inches
11 to 12 inches
12 to 13 inches
13 inches or longer

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by aya [+]

It'll be a brave woman who does, aya.
Personally, I've never taken out a tape measure when a penis is 'angry' -- I'd imagine that would cause instant shrinkage . . .
1 cm.
Girls like fat, chubby. give it a good stretch.
Men are wowed by length, girls by thick!

Voted : 8 to 9 inches

Women screw penises but marry money.

They screw the guys with big ones just for fun.

But they always marry a guy whose average buy has a regular paycheck.

In the long run, MONEY MATTERS, not penis size.

^ Actually LOVE matters, not money or his penis size ;)
Uh, women don't have penises :)
And I'm very happy not to have one. My very first boyfriend had such a long one that when he unzipped his pants in the dark, I thought it was his belt dangling there nearly to his knees, but he didn't have a belt. I kid you not. He was ordinary build, slender fingers, thin blond hair, delicate features, like David Hyde Pierce. You just can never tell by the toolbox what is inside.
Well, I'm a man, but I've taken a nine incher and man it was great - there is nothing like anal sex --- these two other guys were 9 or bigger maybe 10 or 11 but for the official record - 9
Voted : 8 to 9 inches
The biggest definately wasnt the best.Thats all she wrote....
Voted : 8 to 9 inches
HAHA! Size totally matters, sorry guys.
i think people are confusings inches with centimetres!!
Fewer than thirty comments, against almost 2400 votes. Interesting... some people have lots of time on their hands, apparently.
Voted : 12 to 13 inches
no lie...i had the misfortune to date a guy that owned one of these trouser monsters, we measured one day a
anyway...and it was 13 inches...the only position we could pull off was me on top so i could control how far it went in, much wasted penis, there are some short men out there that could use his excess
i agree with whoever said my biggest wasnt my best .. actually my average was... average is good not painful and especially when they know what to do with it ^_^
I've never had one.

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