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They cost over $100M every year just to organize and they don't really seem to accomplish anything. For example, this year the G8 announced it had reached a deal to seek a “substantial cut” in greenhouse gas emissions, but failed to set any mandatory targets. It seems to me to be a relatively meaningless accomplishment that changes nothing.

And while the 8 countries of the G8 control over 60% of the world economy, they only represent 14% of the population. They are criticized for creating a lot of the globalization set of problems, which include debt crises, unfair trading policies, and perpetuating inequalities between the industrial North and the largely agriculture-based economies of the global South.

If anything, I think discussions should include all the world players and include comprehensive reforms of the international financial system and its governance architecture, lift restrictions for access to technology for poorer countries and reduction of agricultural subsidies in rich ones.
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Yes, the G8 summits should continue just as they are
The summits should continue, but be more inclusive
There should be no more summits
Other (please comment)

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Voted : There should be no more summits
Mithrandir, what you say makes a lot of sense. Which, unfortunately, is why it'll never happen...
Voted : Other (please comment)
Teleconferencing makes more sense...unless concrete agreements are made and accords needs to be signed...immediately...
Something you should really understand. It is a lovely belief that everyone in the world deserves so much more, but it's interesting how little THOUGHT people who talk about it put into this theory.

First off, most of 86% people who are NOT represented by the G8 are living in countries that in some way or totally have contributed to their own conditions, and at any time anyone tries to do anything to help them, be it the United States, Britain, United Nations, or whoever, invariably the country trying to help is labeled the 'aggressor' and blamed for any conditions that follow, and people forget how bad things were before.

Secondly, you do realize how much you'd have to give up in order to 'share the wealth'? Oh it's a wonderful thought to think about everyone in the world living equally, but just who do you think is going to pay for this, who is going to have to sell their homes, give up most of their wages, give up their cars, etc? It's you, it's me, it's people who have computers and the internet and who live in countries who have worked hard to get where they are.

So don't put blame where it doesn't belong, and don't expect equality without looking at how much you yourself are going to lose beforehand.

Voted : Yes, the G8 summits should continue just as they are
Once again, Jappy speaks the truth and tells the reality of it all.
I disagree Jappy. Are you saying that the poor deserve to be poor - that ex-colonial powers are only doing the best for everyone and not just for themselves? I do not think that is the case and it sounds as if you want to blame the victim. To be more inclusive does not mean rich countries have to become poor. It means sharing technology for poorer countries to be able to work themselves up to levels where they can become more self-sustaining.
All I'm sure of is that the world needs more G3 concerts.

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