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I've been watching reruns of Gunsmoke for past few months and it's obvious there is an attraction between Matt and Miss Kitty, but I'm not watching for 20 years to find out.

Those of you who saw this show in prime time, did Marshal Dillon and Miss Kitty ever hook up?

My mother would know

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Voted : Yes
But only when he paid for her services!
^Ohhh, she was a hooker?
She owned the bar on the show and was probably a Madam. Back then, women working in the bars were more than likely prostitutes, although they don't come right out and say it on the show.
Voted : No
damm hussy
by ABC [+]

^They still could've eventually got married. Some women went into this profession willingly and others may have had no choice if their man died or abandoned them. There wasn't much work for women in the old west, but with a shortage of women, some men did marry prostitutes.
Voted : No
I think he was attracted to her, but I'm sure he married the sweet girl next door.
I can't tell if he's sleeping in that picture or looking down her dress.
Voted : No
According to Wikipedia, no.
^awww, poor Miss Kitty
Voted : No
larry, I asked my mother about this, since she never missed an ep, and she says that they never did during the run of the series but, in a sequel, they had kids together.
Voted : My mother would know
My mom would probably know too. She's been watching Gunsmoke reruns for about the past two months also.

You've been watching the TVLand channel, haven't you, larry?

I always wanted to see Festus get hooked up with Miss Kitty :)
by LCD [+]

lol I like the channel myself, larry. The Gunsmoke and Bonanza reruns are what I watch on it when I can.

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