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We hear of guys who cross dress, and like wearing women's undergarments. Although, I've never met someone who confessed to this in a serious tone. I think they were joking.
What about women wearing men's underwear? Does this happen? The associated pic was chosen because the undergarment is green, denoting envy. Perhaps they are hoping to grow something?

Lots of women wear men's underwear.
Some women wear men's underwear.
Few women wear men's underwear.
Only really freakish women wear men's underwear.
Women who wear men's underwear own a she-pee device.
They have penis envy.
other, see comment
no, they just wear "the pants in the family"
I wear boxers as pajamas, occasionally.

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Voted : Some women wear men's underwear.
My fiancee wore mine a few times, tried to get me to wear hers. Let's just say that constraint issues came to the fore. 8-O

She told me that she not only thought of it as sexy, but that it helped her feel more in tune with me, wherever I may be.

Voted : Lots of women wear men's underwear.
Quite a few women I know of wear men's boxers around the house for shorts or with an extra large shirt for make-do pajamas. I do from time to time.

Reason being is they're simple, comfortable, no-frills shorts. Clothes manufacturers still havent grasped the fact that not all women want the fancy, lacy, tight fitting crap. Finding a pair of simple, loose fitting shorts without all the extras is harder than many think.

I know because I looked for over an hour last week to no avail. They had buttons, they had lace, they had draw strings, they had pockets, they were too tight, etc... My God! All I wanted was some plain ol' shorts!

As for women who wear mens briefs... I'm sure there's a completely different reason for that all together.

And for the record, I don't use a Shee-Pee. lol
Voted : Women who wear men's underwear own a she-pee device.
Ewwww, THEY MUST! Own a she pee device :o
to be honest, underwear is getting too small, and it's not good for women, nor are tight-fitting jeans. The reason being is that these can cause yeast infections. Most underwear made nowadays are too small, too frilly, etc. I go to the cheaper stores to find comfy underwear, and teh biggest prob I have with most underwear is the fact that they rise too high, but not enough around the waist.
by aya [+]

Voted : Some women wear men's underwear.
i know a girl who wears mens boxers. but only like casual wear.
Voted : Some women wear men's underwear.

... like me. I love to wear my husband's boxers, especially black ones. SO COMFY!!

Boxers but not like guys underwear, lol

I was thinking like butt huggers or boxer/briefs or something.

Voted : Lots of women wear men's underwear.
men's underwear is VERY COMFORTABLE...i don't wear them for any other reason. i like both boxers (for summer pj's) with oversized men's tees and jockey shorts for everyday wear. i like the cotton fabric better too. women's underwear has to many frills and they pinch and the elastic frays. even the cotton ones. and, i hate silk! plus they just don't fit as well for me as men's underwear. men's underwear is made to last longer too :)) hey, we all can't all be wrong...either hanes or fruit of the loom came out with women's jockey shorts!!! everything but the hole!! KUDOS to them :))) however, they still are NOT as comfy as the men's!
I only wear my lacey girly things.

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