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Almost all Americans seem to hate all forms of communism and even socialism like it's a plague. Why is this?

They are ignorant of how great communism is
They are scared that a communist society is better than theirs
americans hate everyone
they do not believe in equality
communists are totalitarian!
they need an enemy to be scared of
Communism as practiced is dictatorship.
They are trained to, without knowing what it is
Communism is responsible for 100 Million deaths!!!
because they were told to
screwed poll, i'm an american communist
Because Communism Sucks
Joseph Stalin is one.
I kinda like it.
Obama almost act like one
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Communism failed without help from America. The problem is that a lot of Republicans claim Reagan is to be given credit for the fall of communism. Communism was a good idea in theory, but it had its flaws, which history has shown to us. As for why America hates communism so much, it's because communism risked cutting off America's trade routes. Communism was also a very oppressive form of government, and though it wasn't the Americans' problem that the people of communist nations were oppressed, many Americans feel it is their duty to fight for the freedom of all mankind. (At times it sounds like mere propaganda, but the idea is not rooted from absolutely nowhere.) Finally, communism posed a threat to democracy as a whole, and in order to survive, America had to stop the spread of communism to whatever democratic nations remained.
Acctually hitler was a real gentlemen. I hear he even helped old ladies accross the streets. He also was a jew that took it up the poopshoot
Communism is as evil as Nazism. Ask anyone who's ever lived under Communist rule what they think about Communism and they will tell you nothing but horror stories. The only people who think that Communism is/was a good idea are people who have never had to experience it first hand. For 44 years we fought the Cold War overtly and covertly in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Iran, Eastern Europe, East Africa and many other parts of the world to protect your sorry asses from a fate you can't even imagine. What would the world have been like if the Communists had won the Cold War? Thank God we won. And thank the United States and our allies that we won. If you like Communism, you probably like Cancer, too. And if you think that Communism is "good on paper", then I feel sorry for you. You're a lost soul. If you didn't understand the big picture of the Cold War, then you probably don't understand the big picture of the War on Terrorism. In ten or twenty years you'll look back and say, "Gee, those guys were right after all - again."
Communism was good on paper, its basicly everyone shares reasources, everything belongs to everyone, everything, or at least publick services are free (as you dont work for money you work for the good of the people), no poor or rich, just citizens, all working for the state and eachother, and this could be pulled off in a democracy to, communism is a way of doing things, it doasnt need to be a dictatorship, however, it doasnt work in practice, people are greedy and selfish, and probably wont work for the good of the state and there fellow man, thats why communist governments are mainly dictatorships, to keep everything working. Its like religon, religion in its self isnt evil, its just people manipulate it to do awfull things.
US corporations funded the Nazis? You must have one heck of an interesting definition of "funded". The Nazis nationalized ALL businesses in Germany, that was their platform. They got their money from taking over business from the people. If some of those corporations were American in origion they got everything taken from them by the German government at the time. That is the only "funding" of the Nazi party I know of, they just stole the money from every business in the country.
It was a HUGE mistake to think that we were evolved enough to take on collective burden. Blaming the government for personal problems is a good way to justify your mistakes, but a bad way to find a solution.

Even worse Communism in its various forms is responsible for the deaths of over 100 Million people during the 20th Century. Over centralization leads to the elimination of freedoms which leads to authoritarian abuses which leads to the physical subjugation of the populace which leads to mass death.

Balls. Gonads. N-U-T-Z.

The willingness to stand in the face of uncertainty because you know that you know that you know what you are doing is right and what they are doing is wrong.

THAT's why.

Communism works great in theory if it isn't corrupt. The reason Americans hate it is because they're brainwashed by their government's propaganda from the cold war. Communism was a threat to the United States' capitalist society in that era. They tried preventing communism on several occasions even though it was what the people wanted. Just look at Cuba...the ONLY reason there's a US embargo imposed is because of their society's structure.
...and the people who hate it don't even know why they hate it. They were just brought up that way.
Because they don't know what Communism is. They believe it is a government that dictates what the people can and can't do, they are taught it is the opposite of freedom. I've seen this talking to many adults. Blame the school system.
And it's not. And because socialism is a characteristic of communism, they immediately link a socialist program with no freedom. It has nothing do do with freedom.
There have never been any ACTUAL communist nations. The former Soviet Union, China, and Cuba, all are/were group dictatorships with the elite 'communist party' being the dictators.

True Communism cannot work, it basically requires that every person in the 'collective' gets the same pay for doing the their work, regardless of how much work they do, there is no reward for more work, no punishment for less work (within reason), human nature kicks in when this happens, without any reinforcement/reward to do any more work, most do as little work as they can get away with.

This is why the Soviet Union failed, and why ultimately, North Korea is starving itself and China has the same sort of problems from time to time. Although, much like Cuba, China subsidizes it's "communist" government with a certain amount of capitalism.

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