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Rock-star/Singer that you know of.

Why is it that rock stars seem to get all the girls (or boys)? I suppose it has something to do with talent, fame and charisma. It sure doesn't have anything to do with beauty.

In fact, there are so many repulsive rock & rollers out there that one can only come to the conclusion that many people turn to rock music as a way of compensating for their horrible looks.

Alice Cooper
Bob Dylan
Michael Jackson
Mick Jagger
Geddy Lee
Marilyn Manson
Tom Petty
Ozzy Osbourne
Ric Ocasek
Keith Richards
Ian 'Lemmy' Klimister
Steven Tyler
Jim "Freckle Face" Dunlap
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Voted : Steven Tyler
How this man managed to aid in the creation of Liv "Elf Babe" Tyler is beyond my meager knowledge of genetics...
Voted : Steven Tyler
He is one ugly mutha.

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