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I mean BIG!!! Almost everytime she does she clogs the damn toilet. There as big as the hole and then some plus she has had ones that are stuck in the hole and breaking the surface of the water at the same time. Guess who has to unclog it everytime since she just runs off?

So my q is is that healthy? She has no pain she states but if I passed those I think I would die LMAO. And yes she craps every damn day.

OMG!!! Call a vet for her. I mean Doctor.
If she can pass them without passing out leave her be.
Girls do poop! BIG!!!!
Get a bigger toilet.
Contact the EFSM
um, to many chicken mcnuggets?

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Voted : Get a bigger toilet.
Umm.. how old is your sister?
And before someone asks this is real but I am making fun of my sister with this one.
She is an adult. Ladies don't like it when you give out their age lol.
we did not need to know that....
by LCD [+]

^LMAO. I am really wondering if she needs fiber or something though. Well be glad I did'nt put the details of the clean-up lol.
What is the opposite of stenosis ?
^My sister :) lol Idk
Voted : If she can pass them without passing out leave her be.
If she starts screaming, *then* it's time to worry.
Quite a family
Voted : Contact the EFSM
She should contact The European Fecal Standards and Measurements office. They keep records on this sort of crap.
Actually though, it is healthy. It just means her colon is not clogged up with undigested junk.
So here's my question: How do you know how big her poop is?

Get a camera and prepare to film because there are sites that love that sh**!

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