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[+] serious ballot by LCD

suppose you want to be self sufficient.

grow your own food, raise your own animals, etc.

how many acres would you need for you and your family?

of course it depends on where you are (I am currently in the middle of mojave desert, and it will probably take 10x the area, but for the sake of the question, lets say in a temperate climate capable of raising livestock and vegetables)

Five (hopefully)...

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Voted : 5 acres
Drought here in Georgia aside, I'd probably only need five acres to manage, if I could remember enough of what my great-uncle told me about farming (which was back when I was still in short pants).
Voted : 40 acres
(and a mule ?)
I am looking to buy about 100 acres for an self sustaining a hippie artist colony in new mexico.

pretty cheap land out here. but I don't think I can grow anything.

by LCD [+]

I've been to New Mexico and I don't think I saw much of anything growing there.
Voted : 5 acres
5 acres of good land would probably, assuming I could trade e.g. dairy produce for grain.
*probably do*, of course.
Voted : 40 acres
New Mexico? Only thing you'll be growing out there is tumbleweeds!

Voted : 5 acres
5 acres would do easily.
Voted : 20 acres
You can do it with 5, but 10 is better. If you wanted to raise your own large/medium livestock, twenty is the best bet because the rule of thumb is at least an acre of grazing pasture per cow. Then you need land for a hay meadow to harvest hay from for winter/drought use. Of course if you raise something smaller like rabbits, chicken, or even small goats, you'd need less. And if you chose to hunt and fish instead of raise meat, you'd need less too.

But that's here in East Texas. The land is fertile and there's plenty of timber. You can use the timber you cut for the pasture, garden, and yard for building a house, shed, barns, etc...

Voted : Five (hopefully)...
I say this because I just got my hands on 5 acres about 15 miles south of Deming, New Mexico - yes you can park your RV there any time you like IF you can get there without breaking down or blowing a tire - it's on an unpaved road
and I mean DIRT not gravel...

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