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[+] serious ballot by britvic55

Sex at work, have you ever done it?

Lol, I was doin' a gig tonight and the DJ box had a door to the left where you enter and a door to the right which leads to room where they store equipment etc.

Anyways, I locked the door to the left, threw on a mix, and disappeared into the room on the right for a 20 minute quicky. Was it my GF? Not tellin', yers already think I'm a c*nt. ;op

Have you ever had sex at work??

Yep, once.
Yep, more than once, high five, Brit.
Just a high five, Brit.
No, but I'd like to!
What's your no. Brit!!?
What's sex?
No!! Bed is for sex! And I'm going to do it there at least 5 times a year!! :o(
Nope, but I've played wit h myself at work, sadly.

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Yayyy, we got there in the end ;o) Oooer misssus.
I think I just discovered a bug. The title was sex, but it wouldn't post til I added the xxx's. C'mon lcd, check whether a three letter title f*cks a ballot from posting, sheesh!
Voted : No, but I'd like to!
it's on my things to do list
Voted : What's sex?
Also what's work? I never got the chance to do any. Well the kind that pays anyways:(
Voted : What's sex?
(finally decides to look up the word in the Oxford English Dictionary, faints dead away)
Voted : Yep, more than once, high five, Brit.
I Did three different times at work. At three different types of jobs.
And if you count just oral sex, that number goes up to about 15 or so.

^ I'd say 'My Hero' but sadly, unless you've done a threesome in the middle of mcdonalds it falls kinda short. ;oP

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