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Please elaborate. Put whatever you can think of.

Science improved by his effort of war
Committed Suicide
Turned Germany around economically after WWI
the autoban
a pair of big hairy gonads
Killed his wife,the nazi bitch
helped the economy and got rid of the KIKES
Made Volkswagen(VW)
Killed selfish Jews
Brought France to its knees
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Hitler created the autobaun, trying to make a a fast reactign army to travel across germany, aftre the war it bacame teh safest highway in teh world with a far less deaths than american highways, also cool to go as fast as you can on it.
NAzis are just bunch of f#$%t.Think about it.Hess heydrick himmler Achman and Goppeles.
We need more heroes like Adolf Hitler. the JEw media has lied and villified him. If Hitler would have been fighting Arab's he would have been considered a hero. But since he was fighting Jews and the Jews own the media and our government he is a villian. LOOK HERE- www.ihr. org
hitler himelf realy sucks: heydrich, eichmann, goebbels
Jews are most sucking and fucking people on this planet, they have no right to exist with us. Sad thing is Hitler missed a few, who are causing trouble in middle-east and rest of the world.
killing himself.
Hitler had some valid points.
– Outlawed tobacco use.
– Outlawed vivisection
– Encouraged managed breeding programs for young Germans.
– Commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to come up with an economical, low maintenance auto for the common German.
– Established the Autobahn interstate highway system
– He actually fought in WWI and was awarded the Iron Cross First Class for his actions.
– Created a fleet of cruise ships for the exclusive use of blue-collar workers.
– Created a 'cable network' for radios. (this was really the first Internet!)
– Under his direction, they were the predecessors of modern aircraft.
– By testing students to see what their strong subjects were such as math, science, or writing, he would be able to direct these students towards success in their given fields.
– Prior to the war's outbreak, he had orchestrated a thriving forestry program of 869.300 employed by the forestry service under the third Reich.
– Boosted Germany's economy to unbelievably heights from the depths of economical despair.
– Research into the health effects of radiation, asbestos, heavy metals, alcohol and tobacco
– Mandated the production of organic foods and encouraged vegetarianism and natural healing
– Pursued alternative energy instead of oil or nuclear energy, regarded by the Nazis as "Jewish physics". Hitler only began nuclear research "grudgingly" in response to American efforts.

Voted : Committed Suicide
This is the only one I can think of...

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