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Does anybody know? Why do we have hair THERE? There doesn't appear to be any need for it. Is it just window dressing?

To prevent oral sex
A place for crabs to hide
gives girls something to shave
to prevent friction burns
I have no idea!
to shave!!!
keep privates warm
to harbor pheremones/sex smell = horny
to trap litttle bugs with
You'd rather have hair on the palms of your hand?
Without it we would have Naked genitalia
I thinks its for protection
So you dont look like you have big baby genitals!
to turn people off
To dye it blond
to get stuck in your teeth damn it!
to itch
same reason as nose and
to go pokin around the bush
To remind us we're still primates.
works like dental floss
You need a forest if you're gonna grow a tree
to indicate sexual maturity
To teach arabs how to comb
create fricion on the clitoris during sex
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It serves the same prupose as school. It educates us and helps us makes friends.
It gives your crabs something to hang onto whilst jogging
Shave your entire body and you'll find out why.
I prefer 2b all waxed off, it just itches when it grows back unless you shave, but then you get a rash. Hmm, bush or no bush boys?
left over from evolution. mammals with warmer genitals had greater chances of producing offspring. since they had greater #s of offspring, pubic hair traits were passed to later generations
It doesn't serve any purpose anymore.I used to,I'm sure.
Pullin it is a good way to piss the bitches off
dont we have sweat glands in all the areas that we have hair? Is it to trap sweat and to cool us down when we're hot and to trap warm air when we're cold. Like the rest of the hair on our body.
Good for stuffing cushions
this ballot is hella funnie
Shave your ass and see what happens.
Humans evolved pubic hair to keep the sexual organs at proper body temperature and to ward off entry of insects. Similar, is the reason why we have nose hair to prevent entry of insects that could easily cause death, and also helps regulate temperature.
it is there so your zipper has somthing to grab onto
Dingleberry shaves his ass? can hair grow that much? i guess on FaGGots they do
HAHAHA shave your ass see what happens. I would gues you would go completly insane when it starts to grow back. poke poke scratch scratch poke scratch on and on
To keep the cum off your inner thigh when you jack off.
Wow...Couchgnome is all over it!
hot damn
It's there to be shaved off
I think it's a Lip Bumper!!

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