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[+] serious ballot by DogIsLove

Is America on a downward roll, failing before our very eyes? What's causing it, what are the symptoms, what do you foresee for the future?

America is on an even keel, the only way to go is Up!
All the signs are there, America is on a downward slide without an end
When America breaks up, some will go to Mexico, some to Cuba, and most to Canada
Minority infiltration and rule is not acceptable to the people/America resists
Things look rocky and unpredictable but a modified America will persist
Revolution is coming very soon

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Voted : America is on an even keel, the only way to go is Up!
I have hope.
Voted : Revolution is coming very soon
The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

What do you think will happen when the taxpayers wake up and realize that our oversized government is nothing but a crime syndicate?

Hard to say. Things look pretty damn bad right now. But...

I grew up listening to both sets of grandparents tell stories about the Great Depression and what they had to do just to make it through each day. They're lucky they made it through it. And compared to them, we've got it lucky now.

Things might get better, and it'll get worse before it does. But either way, I'm not counting my chickens yet.

But at least I know that Hoover Hog will fill my belly if I get hungry.

Got a good point, Beelz. People are pissed.

I know a few people in the police force and a nephew in the Army who've expressed their sentiments, and they're not just speaking for themselves... If worse comes to worse and they're forced take up arms within this country, it's not going to be for anyone in Washington.

What is happening now is all I know, haven't lived through anything different that I can remember , I read about the economic boom this country went through after ww2, and many elders talk of this time fondly, but think of the segregation and unfair treatment , no equal rights and many other things that were going on.

Now we have a African American who will probably be President, I bet no one would dreamed that would happen back in those so called Happy Days.

I suppose good times of the USA are in the eyes of the beholder.

Voted : Things look rocky and unpredictable but a modified America will persist
Stick around for a few more decades, see what Really happens and if your guess was right..

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