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[+] serious ballot by Grapost

Women are notorious complainers and naggers AND WORRY WORTS! They're never happy and always criticizing and finding fault with everything their husbands say and do, and worrying about everything no matter how small and insignificant it is. It's a wonder that the number of women killed by their husbands hasn't skyrocketed.

They have an insatiable need to be told they are loved, appreciated, attractive, THAT IS NEVER ENDING to the point of being pathological.

I man can work 40 years at his job and NEVER get a compliment from his boss, and it doesn't bother him, yet wives get upset if they don't get regular compliments from their husbands.

They're like a dog always wanting a pat on the head and being told they're "a good dog" for every little thing they do. And if they don't get it often enough they sulk, get moody, and start acting up like a little kid.

But Hey, we're used to it. They've only been doing it since the beginning of time.

So Married Men, can you add one to the BOOK OF ONE MILLION COMPLAINTS by Women.

He doesn't pay enough attention to me
He doesn't spend any time with the kids
He won't help around the house
He won't help with the kids
He's never home
He never buys me anything
He never tells me he loves me
He doesn't appreciate all the sacrifices I make
He never tells me where he's going
He never compliments my cooking
He never tells me I'm attractive
He spends too much time with his buddies
He won't fix anything around the house
He won't watch his weight and what he eats
He won't go to the doctor when he's sick
He never finishes anything he starts
He always wants sex when I'm tired (which is all the goddamn time)
He doesn't like my mother
He never takes me anywhere
He always buys me cheap gifts
He always forgets my birthday and our anniversary
He's always late for dinner
He never notices when I get my hair done
He doesn't bath often enough
He always wears the same clothes and coat
He spends all day Sunday watching football and never says a word to me
He always makes a mess and doesn't clean it up
He won't take out the garbage when I ask him
He always expects me to clean up after him
He always throws his dirty clothes on the floor
He belches and farts in front of the kids and doesn't say "Excuse Me"
He never helps the kids with their homework
He's always asking the kids to Pull His Finger before he farts
When he brings his buddies over he always expects me to wait on them
When he went on a hunting/fishing trip he never called me even one time
He's always looking at other women when he knows I don't like it
He never covers his mouth when he coughs and ends up making the kids sick
After sex he never cuddles me and just rolls over and goes to sleep
He never gives me enough foreplay
He never waits for me to "come"
He always spends money without telling me about it
He's always spilling stuff in the kitchen
He refuses to grow up
I always have to remind him of things
He drinks too much and it's not good for him
He favors the boys over the girls
He won't change the baby's diapers
He said I looked fat when I was pregnant
He never rinses out the wash basin after he shaves
He goes out with his buddies but I never get to out with my girlfriends
He doesn't like any of my friends
He won't water my plants when I go away
He keeps putting his feet on the coffee table
He keeps letting the dog up on the furniture
He never turns out a light
He keeps smoking in bed when I tell him not to
He won't use coasters and leaves stains from the drinking glass on the end tables
He never goes to the mailbox, I always have to get the mail
He always throws the newpapers out before I can cut the coupons out
He drinks right out of the bottle at the refrigerator which I find disgusting
He's always scratching his crotch in front of the kids
It's always cold in the house and he won't let me turn up the heat
He always forgets to replace the toilet paper when it runs out
He goes places and never invites me to come along
He won't pay for a babysitter
He curses in front of the kids
He never notices when I change perfumes
I asked him if I looked fat in my new clothes and he said YES!
He makes fun of the Pope in front of the kids
We never go on a vacation
He's always puts the TV Remote where I can't find it
He looks at pornography on the computer, I guess I'm not good enough anymore
I bought him some jewelry but he won't wear it
He never asks me why I went to the Doctor's Office
When I hear a noise outside at night, he won't go outside to check on it
When I tell him the car is making funny noises he won't go out a check on it
I cooked him a big dinner and he didn't eat any of it
We need new kitchen cabinets but he won't pay for them
He wants me to do disgusting things in bed
I want to redecorate the house but he won't give me the money
I called him five times and he still wouldn't get out of bed
He's always late picking up the kids at daycare
I can't remember the last time we went to the movies
He has bad table manners and the kids are starting to do it too
He said I looked like I was gaining weight
I buy him different foods but he still eats the same things
He won't help me with anything
He never holds the door for me when we go out
He drives so fast it scares me
He stinks up the bathroom and I can't use it when I have to go
He never puts anything back after using it
If I didn't remind him he would forget just about everything
I bought new clothes and he said they make me look old
We never do anything together
This house is too small, we need more room for the kids
He won't rake up the leaves and I always have to do it
He always falls asleep on the sofa instead of going to right to bed
He expects me to be like his mother
I ask him where he's going and he won't tell me
He's always telling other people how old I am
He's always in the garage working on something
He always has to have a beer before dinner
He won't wipe his feet before walking on the new carpet
This house doesn't have enough closet space
He always drinks out of the same glass/cup
He never told me I had to put oil in the car engine
He won't go with me when I visit my parents
I have too much to do, I don't have time for that
I bought Christmas Lights for outside the house but he won't put them up for me
I bought a bird feeder but he won't put it up for me
The kids are starting to act just like him
We've only been to Disneyworld one time
I bought him new shirts a week ago and he still hasn't worn any of them
He never talks to me...
He only wants to kiss me when he's drunk
He won't go to church with me and the kids
He always runs over my flowers when he cuts the grass
He didn't vote for Hillary for President--Men!!!
He Never puts the cap back on the toothpaste
Put clean towels in the bathroom but he never uses them
He makes sexy comments about the women on TV when watching in front of the kids
He cooked breakfast for me but he burned everything
He's always telling me I'm just like my mother
He won't wear his seat belt when driving with the kids in the car
He won't wipe of the kitchen counter after making a sandwich
He always gets the same kind of movies from NETFLIX
He always changes the channel on TV during the commercials
He thinks Dancing With The Stars is stupid
He never pushes the chair in after leaving the table
I tell him to wear a coat when it's cold but he doesn't and ends up getting sick
He never puts the Christmas Tree up the way I like it
He tells me a I nag him too much
We need a new car but he won't buy one
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Voted : He never talks to me...
...because he's always making massive ballots and comments on B&W.
Voted : You have NOT met a nagger until you have met my boyfriend!!
My boyfriend can outdo any man or woman for worrying and nagging. It's 24/7 with him. I never nag and he says he wishes I WOULD nag. I have too many independant, fun things to do that keep me occupied. Nagging is so boring. What I need done, I do myself.

^Grapost, how come you never meet women who don't nag? There are a plethora of them. Are you a magnet for women you don't like?

Hey I grew up with negative, bossy, nagging, critical, domineering women.

My mother and sisters are like that. All my mothers sisters are like that. Her MOTHER was like that. My father's sisters, except one, were whiners,worriers and naggers.

I'm single, own my own home and INVITED my (now 80 year old) mother to live with me ten years ago to make things easier for her financially. Just trying to be a good son I PAY FOR EVERYTHING AND NEVER ASK HER FOR ANYTHING OR TO DO ANYTHING.

Yet after ten years I don't talk to her anymore. I'm fed up with her. The bullshit and mind games never stop. I just don't want to be around her anymore.

Women always want to change their guy then years later they always say "you've changed".
Yeah, there's and old saying.

Women marry men hoping they'll change.

Men marry women hoping they'll stay the same.

OLD JOKE: Women consider all men to be a work in progress!

One thing they never complain about is their husband handing them HIS paycheck every week.
holy cow that's a long list :)
by LCD [+]

'Old Saying' and 'Old Joke': that about sums up the views expressed by Grapost in this ballot.

Perhaps some women still fit your stereotype, Grapost, but I don't -- and neither do any of my female friends.

So the truth is finally out, now we know why Grapost is a woman hater, because he still lives with his mummy!!!
You seem to forget or havent yet had the oppertunity to find out that men dont actually want a wife, they want a mother with benefits, one who will go out to work full time, bring up kids single handed AND wait on men hand and foot so that when he comes home from work all tired out he can sit down in front of the tv and relax and leave the wife to do everything, and before you say bullshit, im talking from experience, I doubt you can say the same!!!

CAN'T YOU READ YOU IDIOT! She Lives with me! It's my HOUSE!

I clean up after myself, do my own shopping and laundry, get my own meals. SHE IS TREATED LIKE A QUEEN IN MY HOUSE!


However, she continues to make herself a nuisance by nature of the fact that she is FEMALE!

The fact that its your house doesnt change the fact that you DO still live with your mummy, and im sure you never made a nuisance of yourself Grapost in all those years she was looking after you whilst you were (cough) "growing up" so to speak. From reading your opening post I would guess that your family are the main cause of your "attitude" maybe you should try stepping outside of your insular little gene pool and get into the real world.
Voted : Would you kindly answer my question below, the way it is written?
^Grapost--your statement is interesting: "However, she continues to make herself a nuisance by nature of the fact that she is FEMALE!" Does this mean that even if she did nothing negative, even if she acted like a man, she would still be a nuisance only because she is female? Don't cop out by saying she could never act like a man and by doing this, get out of answering the question-it's hypothetical. I would love to know your answer.
Grapost must dislikes powerful women in his life. He probably is afraid of Hillary Clinton too.
I love women, but I'm petrified of Hilllary Clinton.
HELL! I voted for Hillary over Obama in the Primary Election!

Ha Ha!

FORGETMENOT: Here you go!

Women will ALWAYS be a nuisance to Men because they are TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THEM!

Look around you, find one thing that women have built or created.
There isn't anything! Where do you think all the stuff you use in your life comes from!

Next time you go to the store to buy something, think for a minute! Who made this, Who figured out HOW to make this, Who figured out how to transport it here, Who figured out how to make it safe, Who built the machinery to make it, Who started the company that makes it, Who built the store you are buying it at, Who paved the road that allows you to get there, Who invented and built the car you drive to get there, Who built the home you live in, Who built the bridge you drove over on your way there, Who invented modern medicine that keeps you alive, who invented and produce all those products in the store that women buy, who grew the goddamn food YOUR EAT, processed it, and brought it to the store for YOU TO EAT SO YOU CAN STAY ALIVE! and on and on and on!

IT WAS MEN! It had nothing to do with WOMEN!

Women are dependent on men to provide them with eveything they need to SURVIVE!

Ladies, arguing with Grapost is like running head-first into a chain saw. Nothing good can come of it.
Chainsaws hurt, and so does the truth in this instance.
It must irk you somewhat, Grapost, that despite what you say, men are still totally dependent on women just as much.

Unless you want to grow a pair, stand up, and invent a machine that you can shoot your seed into and grow a baby.

Maybe the women of the workd would thank me.

"HELL! I voted for Hillary over Obama in the Primary Election! "

Thus proving my point, Grapost, that your sexist and racist views are nothing but provocation. You like to stir things up on this website -- and you certainly succeed with ballots like this.

You are confusing fact with sexism!

Reproducing is the most common of all accomplishments. Even the lowest life forms can do it.

So it's not much of an accomplishment.


Women RARELY die during childbirth now, thanks to all the discoveries and medical advancement made by MEN!

Why Men Won't Do Housework!

I woman I work with got married. A couple months later I was discussing household chores and who did what.

I asked her who did the bathroom. She said she does. I asked why?


Cased Closed!

I agree with grapost on some of this, Hell, I've lived some of it, lol.

But I think when it gets to the point that she's pissing you off to the extent this ballot says, it's time to part company. Before one of you end up buried under the patio!

The ballot is part "stereotype joke" and part the "obvious truth".

My car wss in the shop, and I wanted go out to get something to eat. I called a taxi.

Chatting with the driver I asked him how long he had been a cab driver. He said a couple of months since he got a divorce. He needs the extra money.

I said let me guess: She claims you didn't pay enough attention to her, You didn't spend enough time with the kids, and you were never home.



Grapost, you're a genius.

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