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My family is having a big holiday party next weekend, and my brother has decided to invite a couple of his single guy friends to the party to see if I'm interested in them or not.

What are some good ways to turn someone down when they ask you out?

Just because we made eye contact doesn't mean that I want you
With pepper spray
Not if you were the last man on earth
Who are you again?
Sure, how about the second Tuesday of next week?
Get a restraining order
Introduce yourself to them as 'Butch'
Hide a baggy of peanut butter in your pants near your arse...
Say you'll meet them in the Holland Tunnel
via Singing Telegram
Say, "You're not my type, but I know a dude who'd really like you."
Sorry, not into boys.
Maybe if you get an extreme makeover (surgery, the works).
you are too freckled
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Voted : Introduce yourself to them as 'Butch'
But don't forget to invite your 'Girlfriend' to play along with you.
^UncleRandy, I don't think I could do that with a straight face. I laugh too much!
Voted : Hide a baggy of peanut butter in your pants near your arse...
And when you are talking with them dig in your pants and get some PB and bring it out in front of your face and eat some of it.

Of course you have to watch out for the ones who like that. That's when you just yell at them to get the hell away lol.

Dump their drink on the floor and say to clean it up. If you want you can put your foot on their forehead and push them over after that.

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