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[+] serious ballot by RobinGaylord

I don't mean something you suspected you'd return but something you KNEW you'd return after using. Maybe you went down and bought a PA system, used it and them returned it cause you were too cheap to rent it. Or bought a CD resurfacer buffed all your cd's and returned it cause you thought $5 at the local video store was too much to pay for that service. Or maybe you had a big event to go to and you bought a dress or suit you knew you really couldn't afford and brought it back because you didn't have the money to spare for a rental. Who cares if any of these sales people work on comission? Who cares if it's technically stealing? Who cares if it causes inflation?

Ever buy something you knew youd return?

Im a man. Yes.
Im a man. No.
Im a woman. Yes.
Im a woman. No.
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Voted : Im a man. No.
Every purchase I ever make is with the express intention to use it until it's unable to perform its function adequately.
Voted : Im a woman. Yes.
I've only done that once, which was recently. I bought a few of those 60 lb. tubes of sand bags to put in the back of my car for winter driving. As soon as it stopped snowing, I returned them to Lowe's and got my money back.
Yeah, I know, shame on me.

Voted : Im a man. Yes.
A sump pump about ten years ago when a pipe busted in my moms basement.

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