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I was watching a Republican senator on Meet the Press this weekend and he claimed that "America has the best health care in the world". When the host stated " we lag many developed countries on virtually every health statistic you can name"; life expectancy, infant mortality, obesity, death rate from prostate cancer, heart attack recovery. That's the best system in the world?"
He replied "that's what the American people think". So I'm asking this select group of American. What do you think?

It's the best
It's not the best and need to be fixed
It's the best when you haven't experienced anything else.
it's the best when you have money or influence

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No. Some of the best technology and medical breakthrough's yes. But the failure of our system is not due to care, it is due to the system being very flawed. It invovles absurd malpractice suits that result in Dr's ordering so many tests that it's ridiculous, to insurance companies that cut-off coverage for the very people who need it. He also left out key facts: one, illegal immigrants are afraid to seek care, the poor routinely ignore medical issues because they don't have coverage, etc., etc. In terms of the type of care and technology, it is very good. In terms of peopele's access to the right care and in terms of lawyers and insurance companies involvement in the delivery of care, it's terrible because they are creating problems that hinder care. This guy sounds like he has confused ability with delivery.
Voted : It's not the best and need to be fixed
Remove middle management from the process, and I suspect that things would move a lot better.
Sorry, I forgot to add Pharmaceuticals. Americans have been convinced that there is a pill to fix everything. I was reading a detailed analysis that said that often, people visit the Dr. and hospitals for non-existent issues and it is completely skewing statistics. People are getting unnecessary procedures, and taking medications that are not needed and often, create more problems than they help. The health care delivery structure in this country has been de-railed in the areas most important to actually curing sick people, but has excelled in the areas of "want vs. need" medical care.
Voted : It's the best when you haven't experienced anything else.
all the 3rd world dictators come to US when they get sick.

unfortunately, if you are not the top 1% in $$ or influence, you get the treatment that match Kenya or Zimbabwe.

Even if you have "the coverage" that average american think that they have. Those of you who think you are going to be taken care of because you paid for the employee sponsored HMO's. Boy, are you in for a rude surprise when you REALLY get sick....

but people like to think that they have security, or choice for that matter...
by LCD [+]

Voted : It's not the best and need to be fixed
The system of delivery, the availability and affordability to everyone is what's totally messed up. I would bet that Republican gets a nice donation from the medical association(s) to keep his seat so he's just another "sell out"... it's all about making money, not taking care of people...
Voted : It's the best
It is among the best for research and development of treatments and cures etc. The insurance system they employ makes it very poor. How a 1st world nation (the only 1st world nation) does not have universal health care boggles the mind.
Voted : It's not the best and need to be fixed
I lot of people think it's the best, but it's not.
If they do they are very foolish.

I'm not particularly impressed with the technology or breakthroughs either. What are they then???

Most american medical research is designed to get results. To me this is poor practice in anything especially when it comes to health care.

The BMA (british medical association) spend years re testing pretty much any drug that comes out of america and find most of it unusable. Finding in most cases that while it may clear the problem itself it generally leaves much more worrying side effects.

Bottom line is that medicine should never be a profit making exercise.

It should be self evident that when someone makes a profit someone loses out.

No I mean it should be REALLY self evident.

But in america self evident doesn't always mean that anyone is prepared to change.

I wont even start on the ludicrous sue'ing culture that pervades anything where a fast buck can be made.

In short american health care fails because of the very values enshrined in the american constitution.

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