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How often do you experience internet down time with them? I get LONG down times with them at least once a week. If you mo,
Do you get the following message?
“Connection Interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection.
Please try again.”

At the bottom of the screen, the page is tagged as “Pageload Error—Mozilla FireFox”

How often does this happen to you?
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Sorry--thayt was if you DO, not if you MO. What was I thinking?
Fivenotes says: Get new ISP.
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Truth suggests Sprint Wireless, asks forgetmenot to check her messages.
all the symptoms you describe are the result of a broken connection.

if you are on a DSL, you might want to power reboot to see if there's an immediate connection. if there is, it's your computer/modem. if there isn't, it's their fault, tell them to get on the ball.
by LCD [+]

It's always OK by the next morning. When this happens we check all of our connections and they are always fine. All the lights are on, etc.
but did you power down everything, and power up, and check the connection?

remember to cycle everything off, including UPS, unplug power cords etc for at least 30 seconds.

if your connection is DSL, it's more likely their end. if your connection is cable, it's more likely it's at your end.
by LCD [+]

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