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[+] joke ballot by UncleMax

Occassionally dead people are known to have voted in the US elections. At least their names appear on the list. I wonder whom they voted for.
Republican or Democrat. :-)


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Voted : Democrat
I like this ballot!
Of course you do because you've got some kind of odd disorder.
My "disorder" is the same as at least 50% of Americans: we want accountability in DC; we want honesty and so many other things we aren't getting.
StacyG, try a new tune, why don't ya? Learn some new words, maybe do some research for yourself.

Maybe you ought to try a new tune. You really are just like a friend of mine. All you do on here is act like a paranoid nut. All you talk about is politics and conservatives and liberals. You've got an unhealthy fixation. I think like my friend you need serious mental health counseling. You should get a new tune because the one you're singing now is so played out.
How old are you, StacyG?
Very rude question. How old are you? You just irk me Sioulea plain and simple. I am still not sure you aren't this friend of mine because you are just like her. The day you insulted me for the first time was the day I decided to check you out by reading what you write on here. There's something wrong with you. I don't care if that's a mean thing to say because you are just an odd and creepy person.

Voted : Democrat
In Texas, up until the mid 1960's, it was a common practice of Southern Democrats (Boll Weevils) to raid the graveyards for votes. Today, Texas, with the exception of the border cities, is Republican. I suspect the Rep. Party will be scouring east Texas for the "retard vote" for Sarah Palin.
They vote both ways. It's whatever each side can get away with. Always been that way.
Voted : Republican
Aren't they the ones that voted for McCain?
More than likely they vote liberal (the dead party) since a liberal has never won the White House.
I think both. I also think those who engineer such scheme should be lined up against the wall and shot.

nothing more disgusting to me than people who try to sabotage democracy.
by LCD [+]

Shame on you, elvislennon.

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