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My SO related something very strange that happened where he works. A housekeeping inspector was working on the eighth floor. She keeps her room keys in a purse attached to her belt. She opened the door to a room to check that the room had been cleaned. That took only a few moments. She left and went to the room next door. She then found that she had no purse and no keys. Losing room keys equals termination. She hurried downstairs to the first floor to report missing keys and purse. Wile she was in the office, the maintenance man from the basement came up and said he was about to dispose of a box of old keys that had been in the back of his store room since last year and her key was in with the others. At that same time, someone called the office and said her purse was found in the linen room on floor two.

Beings with the speed of light moved her keys and purse to different floors
She moved them with her subconscious mind
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There's more to the story than being revealed (not by you of course, I'm sure you state it as it was relayed to you), or, someone don't have all the facts. It sounds to me more like she spent a 1/2 hour first retracing her steps looking for her purse/keys, before going down to report them missing. Meantime, someone actually took her purse and key before turning the purse in w/o the key.

Asx for it being discovered by maintenance, that may have been an older key, hers being a newer copy.

Hard to say w/o being there. ☺

Thanks for your explanation. It sounds plausible, however, he keys are coded and no two have the same serial number.
Oh that is creepy! Could be one of those old haunted hotels. I saw a movie about a haunted hotel room and it scared the you know what out of me.
Uh, no such thing as ghosts sweetheart. Don't be so gullible, lest I haunt you after I die. lol
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^ I used to think the same until I realized that I didn't know everything.

I'm apt to go with your explanation though until it's ruled out. Too many people jump to the conclusion of "ghost" when there can be a very simple explanation.

Too many people jump to the conclusion of "ghost" when there can be a very simple explanation.
by Grumpy_Person

I see that a lot

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