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After they stop working, old people are discarded by American society. Even family put the elderly in retirement homes so they won't become a nuisance. Other societies like Asians and Hispanics welcome their parents and grandparents into the home. It's common to see multi-generational households with those cultures.

Why does the American culture stops respecting the elderly?

Putting mom or grandma in a home is the best thing for them
Their kids don't want to be bothered with them
Because America is overall an extremely selfish nation
When you get old and stop working, your only value is sentimental value
Cultural Defect
Most of the elderly in America live with family
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Voted : Because America is overall an extremely selfish nation
Americans discard everything old. Here is Las Vegas, we had a beautiful vintage mansion, Tudor style, kept up but not, lived in, circa 1940's. It was knocked down for a one story Bauhaus office building that no one wanted to buy space in. It is now a dirty, abandoned building.
When You live in a disposable culture then it's no surprise when you start to treat people the same way.

English culture is very similar except ofc we have free health care for those who can't afford to die with at least some dignity.

In part it's our disposable lifestyles but also I think it speaks volumes about protestant religious practices. In islam and catholicism there is a strong parental bond. Also in buddhism and taoism age is treated with reverence.

In america you dont get older and wiser. You just get old and ugly and remind people of their own mortality.

Sad country really. That talks of multiculturalism and freedom and yet seems to hold no compassion or respect for the older generations.

In america you talk of winning wars. yet the very people who helped win the second world war are treated with utter disrespect.

You'll claim the dubious victory but wont venerate those who won it for you.

When my grandparents got to a point where they needed assistance, they had a nurse coming in once a day to check on them. That was besides the family stopping by to check on them.

It finally got to a point where they needed to either move in with the family or go to a nursing home. Everyone in the family worked and there wasn't anyone willing or able to quit their jobs to stay with the grandparents.

The family put Grandma into a nursing home and took Grandpa home with them, but that didn't last long and he also moved into the nursing home. At least there, they could be together.

Sometimes it does get to be a burden taking care of the elderly. My 60 yr old aunt couldn't lift Grandma to change the sheets or take her to the bathroom.

I just hope that I'm healthy enough to take care of myself when I get older.

^^ these are some exquisite analysis....
I think it will be our downfall. old people have knowledge and experiences. by shunning them society becomes stupid.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Most of the elderly in America live with family
Your assumption is bullshit! Only 17 percent of the elderly in America live in nursing/retirement homes. The rest (83%) live with family. There are some old people who are seriously ill and need the care and attention their own families can't provide.
"Your assumption is bullshit!" by Bostonian

First of all, no need to be nasty about it, and I never said that 100% of the elderly are put in nursing homes. Those who are put into nursing homes, because they need the care and attention, don't always have family showing up on a regular basis to visit.

"The rest (83%) live with family."

No, the rest of the elderly don't all live with family. A large percentage of them do live on their own. The ballot is merely pointing out that we, as Americans, don't always pay enough attention to or respect to the elderly.

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