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If one religion in the future could create world peace and stop all wars, which do you think it would be?


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None. Thousands of years is proof of that.
Whoever voted for christanity sure doesn't know too much about their history.
I think atheism is kind of a step in the right direction, but the fact alone that it is labeled makes me hesitant to choose it.
We will obtain world peace as soon as humanity outgrows the need for a God.
^I thought you were religious?
Mine. I will create the world's first unified religion. I've written this before, but read again: I will bring you all together. I will name you and number you. You will all see that I sit upon the throne of the Seven Hills and that through me, peace is possible. No hunger. No war. No strife of stress.

I will integrate science with the spiritual and all of mankind shall wonder at the miracles each of us is capable of producing.

Lay thee low man, for thine redemption draw nigh.

P.s. (I love me some Post-script), you FuZzY_WuZzy are a miracle unto thine self. Invite your own salvation, for it is at hand. Number thine self and be counted amongst men. For it is thine own light bringer that doth emerge through you. So sayeth I, so shall it be.
^sounds good. What's the catch?
Mr. Iguana, I never claimed to be religous, However, what peeps percieve (believe) about God (generic) is baseless. There are faith based beliefs that are unfounded in realistic principles and lead to the opposite of Gods nature (unity) and conflict. God is the product of uniting (I.E. egg and sperm combining into one product, inseperable, or the sub-atomic bond of quantum gravitating into dense stable atomic mass). The universe is alive (God)and God's love is unconditional. Love doesn't make war.
:) No catch Closet_Iguana...just me being very goofy.
what? And I was ready to sign up!

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