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Or do employees take advantage of their employers?

Employees take advantage of their employers
Employers take advantage of their employees
Some do on both sides
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it depends on the economic conditions, in a poor country the employers hold all the cards, currently in Alberta the employee does, I have 3 jobs right now and only do the parts of those 3 jobs that I like.
by ABC [+]

Employment is a situation in which both sides try to exploit each other for profit.

However, the employer has the upper hand because it has complete control and can limit the opportunities for employees to exploit them.

ABC, you only do the parts of the jobs that you like? I'm gonna have to rethink this whole working thing. Apparently I've been going about this the wrong way.
Voted : Some do on both sides
I have a long time relationship with clients because we don't try to exploit one the other. It serves the best interests of both to be straight up honest. Me, for return business, and them, because they have someone reliable at a fair price.

Exploiting on either side gives a person a bad reputation and makes it harder to find work or workers.

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