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Wall Street
The Banks
The Arabs
Oil cartel/corporations
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Voted : Oil cartel/corporations
Its not Obama. Let's not subscribe to that bullshit float.
Voted : Consumers
Despite conservationist estimates, oil is an abundant energy resource. Geological surveys estimates that there are trillions of barrels of oil available for global use.

The problem is that CONSUMERS can't seem to get enough of the stuff. Producers can't get it out of the ground fast enough to meet global demand. The problem is exacerbated with rapid industrialization in China and India.

Simply, daily consumption exceeds the daily production. The US alone consumes 21 million barrels a day. So the cost keeps rising with consumer demand with no ceiling in sight.

The solution, Stop buying it (or at least using as much of it). Buy a Moped, or at least a Hybrid, ride a bike more, roller blade. The price will only go down if supplies become more readily available.

Who are the idiots that said Obama?
DUH! No President has any control over the price of ANYTHING! A President isn't a King who rules by decree and just order prices up or down. Prices are determined by market forces as with everything else. The same people who say Obama is responsible for gas prices are the same dopes who will DENY Bush was responsible for the Wall Street Crash in 2008, the 9/11 attacks, the Katrina Mess, Lying about WMD's etc. Only Obama is responsible for anything. Jerks!

Voted : Oil cartel/corporations
But.. I.. got.. to.. *grits teeth*.. Agree.. *grits teeth harder*.. with passive too *earth wobbles off axis*
Lolol @ ''bullshit float''


Struggle with it. You've struggled from the beginning to deny your envy. You know I'm right. You've known it all along, and it's killing you man.
Give up the fight. Go with it. Life won't end. The world will still be here tomorrow. Let it go.

There, there. See, you're doing better already. Toke a blunt. Smoke some more crack. Life is good. lmao

^ Haha pass that crack pipe :o)
*passes crack pipe*

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