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[+] joke ballot by UncleRandy

Caption / Comment #156

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Last contest top vote getter was Nowhere_Now_Here.

OK, sweetheart, see you later Dinner will be at 6:00. Don't be late.
No No No, It's the two step
Tango, Anyone?
Let's alligator wrestle !
Reptile bonding session
Goodbye, my friend. I'll miss you!
There, there, son, she may be gone but she makes a lovely clutch bag..
Yes Mitt, I'll be your vice presidential running mate."
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You can't count spamming votes as winning last week. Get real. That choice should have been removed like mine had been on one occasion.
I should have won last week's. I mean come on, Nowhere_Now_Here's a total nonce case.
Many years ago we proved fat diamond was a kiddy fiddler and he's sooo unoriginal that he tries to deflect his nonciness lolol
Voted : There, there, son, she may be gone but she makes a lovely clutch bag..
And by the way, have you seen the size of my junk?
Cry me a river, Pass ;o)

Sorry, but built a bridge and got over it. lol

Besides, Kiddy Fiddler? Been accused of that myself from the same , Uh, dumb ass. So alls I can say Bozo, is it takes one to know one. Get a more realistic life than stalking B&wers. Now don't go finding a little, helpless one to victimize perv, pick on someone your own size.
Stalking b&wers?? Haha I believe stalking involves following a victim, right? Can't be stalking in this case cos u two friendless, sadsacks spend your days going nowhere but here lol.
You spoke out of turn, go back three spaces. I come here less often then you fool. Speak sense, someone may listen.

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