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Why do Muslims wipe their asses with their bare hands?

The Koran tells them to
It's what Mohammad did
Western "infidels" wipe with toilet paper, so Muslims shouldn't
They are backwarded
They are stupid
They are filthy
They 'wipe' Only w/ the Left hand Not a bare hand
they're dirty rag heads
Politically Incorrect has no idea what he's saying
The othr has blood of chilldren on it
they like to be covered in shit
Ever tried using your feet?
do they wipe???
they aint got no crap paper nor corn cobs.
Theyre dirty Cocksuckers
You want that they should wipe with their lips?!
To stop them from biting their nails
they use WATER, stupid! not just hand!
to cover evidence from 9/111
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first off I never heard that before and I doubt that its true.
Oh, it's true alright! Look into it!
it is definately true - but no one has picked the right answer yet
It's true. I knew one guy that did it. He was a narc and no one liked him anyway.
I guess its also true alot of southern americans like to rape newborn babies to "break them in".
Ignore PoliticallyIncorrect, all he does is rant about Islam and post stupid nonsensical polls about Muslims.

And no, Muslims do NOT wipe with their barehands... where did you get that from -

You are Pathetic.

What do you mean by this question. Its really not clear. I am a Muslim and I know every deep things about Islam "what do u mean".
So you think the civilized world should accept Islam? Then why didn't they accept Nazism?
"The amount of hatred flowing from such ballots is quite depressing"??? Really?

Then you should see the amount of hatred preached every day in millions of mosques and madrassas (Muslim churches and schools) let alone the media of Muslim countries.

Then you'd realize that a ballot such as this is very lighthearted indeed.

Know this - Muslims are the most hateful people in the world - they hate everybody - because their Koran and "Hadith" tell them to. Hate Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, apostates, heretics, moderate Muslims, gays, women, EVERYBODY except real Muslims ("terrorists").

Filthy creatures press 555 if you agree!!!! yes ahaha!!!!!!!!!
Unbelieveable. I can't believe the amount of ignorance and lack of understanding on this site. After all that as happened in the past few years, you'd think people would grasp at least 'some' level of understanding about people the don't know anything about. Get a life.
Umm they dont wipe with their hands :| .where on earth did you hear this piece of weird crap?
dune coons wear 7 day shitters,bloomer type thing pegged at the ankles and when they fill up they change `em
hate to say it, but what freedom fighter said is kinda true (in a way). I recently read in the paper about school textbooks in saudi arabia instructing pupils to not socailise with infidels and jews
Actually, it's not true. Just goes to show the level of intelligence and maturity of "Politically Incorrect". Just another anti-Islamic moron disguising hate as curiousity. LOL. Pathetcially obvious.

I hate all religions. As far as I'm concerned, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, all of'em are whacked out pyschos with a lot of free time on their hands. But bare lies like this are just hilarious. In fact, one of the things I admire about Islam is that it actually instructs its people to be very clean, cleaner than just about any other religion.

Just a question, PI: Muslims wash their hands to the elbows, hair, face, feet, mouth, nose, at least 3-4 times a day, and are commanded to take a showe after sex or ejaculation, and are given clear instructions on what to use during the removal of the human waste (which does not include hands), I wonder what strict code of hygiene do you follow?

As much as I loath religion and its adherents, I find lies like this just pathetic. I'm ok with your hate of Islam as long as you don't make it stupid like this :-).

Just to show that PI is kinda lying, anyone, ask him about the >source
Freedom Fighter is clueless. Maybe he should open his ears to hateful rabbonical preaching. Anyone who opposes zionist principles is a dog. True Jews know that the State of Israel is against God's will. Don't believe me? Look it up.
Don't you hear Jesana?? Thats pretty much Jewish hate summed up in a paragraph.
I wouldn't do it, but if they do, if they thoroughly wash their hands afterwards, what's it matter?
hahah funny poll
Ehh, ive seen white people walk out the fuckin toilets without washing their hands...majority of dirtyness is realy with the white just dont wanna accept it...u horny wankers wanking 24/7 about u aint dirty
they havnt heard of toilet paper.

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