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I think all races have beautiful individuals. Yet, those from Venezuela are pretty things. Most beauty pageants for male and female and their contestants are from this country. Therefore, Latinos seem to be the ethnic group with the cutest people.What do you think?

Pacific Islanders
Indians (from India)
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Jedi, especialy the electronic ones.
Jedis only exist at the movies, folks. They are not real. Webjedi is an imposter, like his friends, the "Jewish" people.
I think most ethnic groups have some attractive people. But the majority of any group is just average. However, I believe that the media attempts to convince us otherwise. Next time you're in a meeting at work, look around the room and see for yourself that most people are just average.
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
by LCD [+]

I've only ever heard ugly people say that, lol. :o)
Personally, I think it's latinos, and blacks. I know most won't agree but when you look at a black person, an AFRICAN AMERICAN black person--they can have so much diversity simply because Blacks were mixed with so many different races during the times of slavery.

I look hispanic to people, but my mom looks like she's an Indian from India, and my Grandmother is VERY fair in skin complexion that during the Civil Rights movement her white coworkers would tell her to "stay out of it, because we don't know what you are!"

Whites of course go without sayings, simply because you can consider Italians from Italy, Greeks (although they have African roots far far far back--but who doesn't), and then you have on the opposite end Scandanavian, Swedish whites. So whites have a great range of diversity too which adds options.

I however, and I don't mean to sound racists--which it will probably sound to many--but I don't see Asians except for Filipinos as the most beautiful because they all look the same. They all have the same eye and bone structure, skin tones are all very similar, body frame and built, hair color and texture isn't very diverse. The asian community lacks a lot of diversity in physicality compared to the Whites, Blacks, and Latino community.

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