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as in BEST not BIGGEST
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U.S Navy
Royal Navy
French Navy
Russian Navy
Canadian Navy
Mc Hale
My ex-girlfriend
Old Navy

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the israelis have a navy!!??
As of right now it's the Americans followed by the British. The big reason is not that Britain is bad or that it's that as of right now if we took both Fleets and had it out the numbers game would kill them and most of are national budget is spent to the military so we do have some better Tech.

I know you asked for not the biggest but when your comparing in the sense of who will win it's hard not to.

YES, the Israelis have a navy, and a hell of one, too. I'm not Israeli, but I know that they are, for sure, in the Top 5 in the world.

Air-Force and Special-Force - they're number one. No one beats them. (Best, I'm saying. Not biggest. But even most armies's Air Force besides the U.S. and Britain (maybe) would be beaten if confronted with their Air Force).


NO SORRY YOUR WRONG,the Royal Navy is a bitt smaller, but is better trained and equipt. it really dose not matter about size as long has you are damn good.
Israel has nothing but patrol boats?!

Study your facts, kiddo.

The Royal Navy owns the Ocean along with the U.S Navy, and its not that much smaller. the rest you are right on gust 928.
the israli navy sucks, its just got some old battleships sold to them by powrful countries 50 years ago.
I didn't say it couldn't. I'm just saying that you people are underestimating the Israelis. I'm not biased to say this. I'm an American. I live in New York. I think America has the best navy of all countries, with the Royal Navy at second, but Israel isn't far behind.
I'm an Israeli, sorry to disappoint you, qwazpalm, we have no serious navy. Israel's navy wass built to encounter local naval threats, and succeded in defeating the local Arab navies in all our wars. But it is not a navy of any global magnitude, I think it has : 3 very modern nuclear submarines, 5-10 missile ships (Sati"ls), and few dozens of Dabur patrol boats. But in airforce and special forces you're correct. Anyway, the American fleet is the best, training doesn't really matter when every floating American screwdriver, can launch Tomahawks and those kind of stuff.
I think that qwazpalm was referring to Israel's navy's power, relative of its size, like someone said before, if I'm not mistaken.
Any with Buddy84 is always the best. Wooaaa!
..ok it's the military but she helps the Navy, they'll claim her.
America DUH, then UK (As usual outdone by sheer numbers, but not qaulity of personel), anyway, the british navy is starting to rust (yep, yet more lions armed with toothpics), Luckely were getting new ships. Anyway, the british navy doase have 1 advantege, its the only navy to ever be tested against attack. The US navy would still kick its arse thou.
Royal Navy is the world famous Navy in the world.
Top Navy personnel (year end 2002)
1.United States 380,600
5.France 63,300
10.United Kingdom 44,500
14.Italy 40,000
28. Canada 9,000
29. Israel 9,000
36. Bolivia 4,500

to evryone-

i'm in te Royal Marines and let me tell you the Royal Navy is smaller but is better traind than any other, its defense sistem is great in my opinion, the U.S Navy and Royal Navy are basicly the same.

Israel What a fucking joke

Naval Fleets :
_Israel :
* Surface Combatants
3 X Heavily armed Eilat (Saar V) class multirole corvettes, built in USA
6 X Hetz class large missile boats
4 X Reshef (Saar IV) class missile boats
** Submarines
3 X Dolphin class (Type 800) German-built

the new English Navy have glass bottom boats.,., so they view the old English Navy.hahahahaha AMERICA Rules the SEAS! beeeeotch!
By best do you mean training men or the hardware? I don't know about training but as a Briton I know that the training in the Royal Navy is quite respected. I don't know about anywhere else. In terms of hardware- US navy has eight Nimitz class carriers, one completing and one building (un/fortunately named George H W Bush). Armed with upwards of 80 aircraft. NATO Evolved Sea Sparrow also arms these. Pretty good. 30-odd Ticonderoga class AEGIS cruisers. Can take 3 targets at once. Best escorts in the world in my opinion. Armed with Harpoon and Tomahawk. AEGIS Arleigh Burke class, upwards of 50 of these. Oliver Hazard perry class frigates are a bit old and a bit under-armed. Thank God they're being retired. The Royal Navy in my opinion is the second. Three carriers (more than any other nation besides USA). Type 42 destroyers are clapped out, especially Cardiff and Newcastle(!). Type 23 frigates are amazing (go Iron Duke). Have 30 or 32 cell VSL Seawolf, one of the best AAW missiles in the world. Greatly repected by the Americans. Bit of a shame the Type 22 frigates are going, they are magnificent. The best smaller-than-destroyer ships in the world IMHO. We have Harpoon (US- designed) so US hardware is great. France, Italy and Russia have one carrier each, but Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov hasn't put to sea in years. Most of Russia's surface fleet is in disaray- squabbles with the Ukraine over the Black Sea Fleet and all. Ushakov class rocket cruisers are laid up- they ARE impresssive. Russia has potential, but the weaponary is old and the radars shit. All the cruisers and destroyers are in lay up rusting away. Charles de Gaulle, France's carrier, has a flight deck too short for taking the new generation carriers and cost a shit load to build and was late delivered (by about 6 years). Italy has a good surface fleet on a par with France, but France has SSBNs, Italy doesn't. Italy is building a new carrier, Andrea Doria. The UK is building two new carriers slightly larger than the old US Kitty Hawks, which will put the UK in an undisputed second in the world, with the new Type 45 destroyers. France is building a sister to these British carriers, so will be at third. India has been given the old Russian aircraft-capable ship Admiral Gorshkov for conversion into a full carrier. India is without doubt THE maritime power in the Indian Ocean and middle east. (fuck Pakistan's navy). Israel's navy is small, the biggest ships they have are the three Eilat class SAAR V corvettes. they have Harpoon, Gabriel and Barak- these latter two shitter than the US and UK weapons. Italian Alabtros missile is OK, France's Crotale too. Practically everyone uses the Standard missile- another point for the USA. The other main European countries Germany, the Netherlands, Spain are less capable- but Spain has one carrier and four AEGIS Alvaro de Bazan class frigates- so point for hardware there. Germany and the Netherlands have some fine new friagtes, but they aren't really a patch on the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Japan has AEGIS as well but isn't really much as a great navy, it has a US presence at Yokohama. Check out for gear on navvies.
Here's my top ten navies
1. USA
2. UK
3. France
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. India
7. Russia
8. Germany
9. Netherlands
10. Japan

Sorry for going on a bit!

The U.S. Coast Guard is bigger than the British Navy. The U.S. has the largest and fastest aircraft carriers in the world. Our Nuclear subs are the most advanced in the world. They are cabable of spotting and identifying any ship in the Atlantic from any point in the Atlantic. Trust me if you are on a cruise ship your being watched by a U.S. nuclear sub. The U.S. Navy also has 380,600 personnel. This makes it the largest Navy in the world. Don't say China or Russia does there not even close. The United Kingdom has only 44,500 navy personnel. The United Kingdoms navy glory days are long gone. Yes it used to have the best Navy but not anymore.
You Brits think your so great. Look at the Falklands. You lsot 4 destroyers to Argentina. British_Empire England Navy/entire military is more than a bit smaller. Aslso the American navy is damn good too. Just look at our aircraft carriers. Nothing even comes close to them in the world. Nobody can argue that. Just one of our Aircraft carriers requires more money to run than many countries have total. We have 9 of them with 2 more being built. Our Ohio class subs if considered a country, would be the 3rd most powerful country in the world. Our Navy is the LArgest and most advanced in the world. our Atlantic fleet probably outnumberes Englands. The Pacific fleet probably wouldn't be needed in a fight against England. You british try to make excuses about quality to make up for the fact that your quantity is so small. It's not even true.
Bollocks mate.firstly we did not lose 4 destroyers, we lost 2 with 3 damaged, and that was from the air force that we happend to almost completly destroy that with in one battle. Secondly. Yes our military may be smaller, but it is better trained, equipped,led,and the world respects it. That makes all the difference in this day and age with weapons that can do more damage that a billion men. Thirdly. America may have 9 Aircraft carriers but they are getting now completly out of date. 2 new ones are not being built, dont lie. Britain is having 5 new Air craft carriers being built which have all the needs for the modern era and more. And we have submarines just like yours (but of course better trained crew). Thirdly. Our Atlantic Fleet outnumbers yours by far, however our pacific fleet is much smaller. But why would we need one when our puppet Colonies of Austrailia and New Zeland do all that for us. Lastly us British dont make up anything, we are superior, and so are our forces, who are not small compaired to alot of the world. By the way.... What ever happend in Vietnam? now there is a military that is tiny and inferior. So next time mate, just shut the fuck up.
Your military is not better equipped at all.
$ 370,700,000,000 March 2003
2 China $ 67,490,000,000 2004
3 Japan $ 45,841,000,000 2004
4 France $ 45,238,100,000 2003
5 United Kingdom $ 42,836,500,000 2003
6 Germany $ 35,063,000,000 2003
7 Italy $ 28,182,800,000 2003
8 Saudi Arabia $ 18,000,000,000 2002
9 India $ 16,970,000,000 2004
10 Australia $ 16,650,000,000

United States is number 1 with $ 370,700,000,000. I forgot to add it.
Two new American Carriers are in fact being built. Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Actually the Ronald reagan was finished in 2003. George Bush (The first president not the new one) is starting construction. They are the largest military ships to ever sail in the history of the world. They are very fast, nuclear powered and refule every 20 years. They are nowhere near outdated. Just one of them has more military power than most nations have with their entire military. The United States Owns 9 nimitz class carriers with 1 more on the way. Not to mention other carriers that are smaller than the nimitz.
The new British carriers being built are the most modern to ever be built,with absolutly evrything to meet the modern era. Im not saying the American carriers are crap, just compared to these are a litle out of date. And yes we are better equipped, just look at the American hummers in Iraq, 7 out of 10 are armoured. Now lets stop bashing each other and bash the French, it was Bastile day yesterday.
Ok British Empire im not questioning how advanced your carriers are, I just defending America's. The Ronald Reagan Is the most advanced Carrier America has ever had. It has all of the newest technology and a redesigned hull for speed. Not all Hummers are armoured because not all of them have to be. Also armour makes them slow. Every American carrier is more advanced then the one before. Ronald Reagan right now is is the most modern. It was just finished in 2003. George Bush will be better when it's built.
And you wonder why US forces are loosing so many men to sucide bombers.....In a war situation i think all moving vehicles should be armoured, but thats just my opinion. now back to the carriers. Your carriers will look completly out of date when the Royal Navy gets the 5 new ones, but at the moment i admit,the US has better carriers.
First of all these carriers that you are talking about will only hold 42 aircraft.
Present day American carriers hold over 80. I was mistaken before, the George H. Bush is currently being built and will finish in 2006. The new British carriers won't have better technology. Quit fooling yourself where do you think the $ 370,700,000,000 the United States spends on it's military goes to. The United States spends about 8 times more than the UK on technology.

One more thing the United States has 9 Nimits class nuclear carriers. The largest warships to ever set sail. The U.S. has one more being built the George H. Bush, which will make 10. There will be two more after that. One to be built in 2013, and the other 2019. Both are unnamed at this time. This will make 12. The British carriers will be built in 2012 and 2015. When the two unnamed carriers are built that will allow the U.S. Navy to operate over 960 aircraft. That is more that the Royal airforce of 942 aircraft. Im not bragging, just stating facts.
To make things fare I will say that no other country besides the United States could compare Navys with the Royal Navy. This is true. Any other Navy besides the U.S. isn't even open to discussion.
You are full of shit. these new carriers will hold more than 42 aircraft,over 100. And yes they will have far better technology than any carrier to sail the seven seas, trust me i have talked to an admiral in London. 2019? Do you know how far away that is? its probably just an idea that that the goverment is proposing. And by 2019 you nimits carriers will be junk. You really need to get your facts right befor arguing.
And the new carriers will be armed with Eurofighter Typhoon jets.
Over 100 aircraft. You are the one who is full of shit. "They will be able to operate about 50 aircraft and will have a displacement of around 60,000 tonnes. The two ships will enter service in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Their primary aircraft complement will be made up of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and their ship's company will number around 1000. The two ships will form the centrepiece of the Royal Navy." Over 100 aircraft, that would be one hell of a ship. Something the UK can't afford.-Note the writing in quotes was stated by a professional website, not me. I don't think you heard me before. American carriers are totally different from each other. Each one is much better than the one before. Not to mention they are constantly upgraded. Im still laughing at your lack of knowledge about your own country's ships. 100 aircraft, that must be a joke or just plain stupidity.
Please better technology. They won't even be Nuclear powered. The carrier's propulsion system will be Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP) based on four gas turbines. You overestimate yourself when you say over 100 aircraft. The U.K. currently doesn't even have a dry-dock to build this new aircraft carrier that they are planning, and that is a true fact. O and the U.K. is making 2 not 5 of these carriers.
I forgot to add that the U.S. Navy is also creating a new Carrier.

The CVN-21 ("21st Century Aircraft Carrier") is the next generation supercarrier for the United States Navy. It should not be confused with CV-21, the hull designation for the post-World War II carrier USS Boxer, which was in service from 1945-1969.

The first hull of CVN-21 (formerly CVNX) will be CVN-78. The CVN-21 uses the basic hull design of the Nimitz-class, though that is where the similarities will end.

CVN-21 will incorporate many new design features including a new nuclear reactor design (the A1B reactor), stealthier features to help reduce radar profile, electromagnetic catapults, advanced arresting gear, and reduced crewing requirements. The U.S. Navy believes that with the addition of the most modern equipment and extensive use of automation they will be able to reduce the total cost of future aircraft carriers. If the Navy can reduce the cost of constructing and maintaining an aircraft carrier, they will overcome the biggest complaint received in the U.S. Congress that of funding.

US ROCKS..actually the new aircraft carriers hold 65, 70, 70 and 82 aircraft respectively ok
Dude its about 50 at the most look it up. It says it everywhere.
One thing the US military spending just jumped up to about 450 billion in 2005. The rest of the world spends about 500 billion. Think about that for a while. This doesn't hurt the economy at all. There is a reason why we are called the lone superpower, and the French call us a Hyperpower. People have even gone so far as to call America the "Empire in denial". Dont believe me, type Empire in denial in google and read it.
but its probably an american UK spends 312 billion on defence a year dontchya know

Brit_Airborne that is one of the reasons why I know you are not in the British military. You should know better. Confess you are a punk kid, or a nerdy adult.
Actually you know what since you put me in your favorite users section I will take it back. (The part about me saying you weren't in the military). Sorry.
Brit Airborne you probably read it wrong. Its probably 31.2 billion. Not 312 billion. In second place is China who spends 65 Billion a year. The United States spends 450-466 billion.

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