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There are some cool people in Texas, but the cold hard truth is that Texas sucks. Why does Texas suck so much? Is it because they are wimpy?

rampant obesity
they are too wimpy
too much fat people
Too many idiots
the dixie chicks live there
Once again couchnome proves my jealousy theory
Because Oklahoma Blows
All Of The Above
Texas doesn't suck
no trees
rednecks beating their kids
Fat & racist
all of the above except the dixie chicks one.
It's smack dab in the bible-belt
Dumbass Southern Redneck Bastards

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Lake trash people are actually kind of cool. I purposly stepped on this cowboys hat and his buddys waited outside for me. Pointy ass boots kicked my front toof out. I hate cowboys now.
Texas is such a shitty place, no wonder it's the joke of the north AND the south.
Texas has nothing there except for steers and toothless morons. Man, you talk about a place full of nothing but nothing, and populated by some of the stupidest people I've ever met... this is the place.
This is a true story of when I was in texas...
We stopped at some Texaco station to fill up, (I'll give the place this much... at least the gas is cheap) and the girl behind the counter was such a retard I had to help her make the change. Inside (Gas stations there are usually like a gas station, fast food resturant, 7-11, and gift shop all rolled into one) there was the usual group of Gomers eating fried chicken with big hunks of greasy chicken skin flapping around from the corners of their semi-toothless mouths. As my wife was picking out some comic books for the kids to read while we drove, I could see these dirt farmers (or whatever the hell they were) leering at her and probably thinking "Hey Billy-Joe-Bob! Look at the purrrrrrrrr-ty yeller-harred girl! She sure do have purrrrrr-ty har! Ha-yuk! Ha-yuk!".
Outside were the other Goobers with the week old beards wearing dirty 'Mack Trucks' caps sideways. Not doing anything except sitting in the sun and staring at the oil-soaked dirt and scratching their butt cracks that stuck up above the backs of their Levi's. Ever see the move "Thelma and Louise"? Remember the greasy disgusting truck driver that was hassling them? That's who these guys reminded me of. Ugh! What a shithole.

Fuckin rediculous accent!

We sent our thick ones over there and then they found oil, so therfore run the world. Lucky, Thick, Gits.

It's where you go, just like any other state. The small hickville towns that you can find in the largest land mass in the continental states are no worse than city slums that you can find anywhere. I wouldn't live anywhere in Texas except Austin. It's truly the best city in America.
Those small hickville towns have much lower crime rates and wmpty prisons compared to any city slum though.
Thats cos criminals are seen as normal and the ones with brains are locked up. Just look at G.W.B
In fact, locked up and Murdered! (how can Texans complain about WTC? Fuckin hypocrites!)
you are a complete total dumbass Guest 1c_18e when wa the last time you were in Hawaii? I lived there for 20 years and bELIOVE me racisim is VERY heavy over there. Maybe you should do a little homework before you open your fat stupid mouth
ANd I suppose you have nothing but scholars working at the gas stations where you live mr_shaggles?
Couchnome you are the bigest douche in the universe...Congrats...
I guess TX has its faults but dont you live in Cali??? Where you just had the cast of a reality gameshow run for your govenor??? Where the most sadistic people are from??? Yeah we might have the death penalty but atleast well never have an express lane put in for the homos to get married... Wow california is a great state, i can see why a punk poser like you would be jealous of texas.

Tommo, you fucking retard! You make no sense. What does Texans and the WTC have to do with each other? Bush was raised in the Northeast you dumb fuck. He just moved to Texas later on. Funny how I live there, have more brains than all of your offspring combined will have, and I haven't been locked up and murdered! You are truly a class act of a retard with internet access. Class dismissed Chump!
SHUT UP AMERICAN SOLDIER, he even told CNN he moved to TEXAS when he was TWO. HE GREW UP IN TEXAS SHITHEAD. SO much for those brains
here ya go moron. so you just THINK you know more then everyone else. See thats why Texas sucks, people like you.

www(dot) allsands( dot)com/History / People / georgewbushb_zen_gn (dot) htm

what happened american-soldier? not going to comment on your misinformation?!
I Like Texas because my Ex went there screwed another woman in poison ivy/oak or sumac and came back with it on his pecker. Now that's justice!
Texas is cool, why such a question?
How bad can it really be,afterall Texas has many many people comming to live and work here. I think the people that are stereotyping and I won't mention any names, are people who have never stepped foot in Texas. I have been to all fifty states and have lived in five, so I think I have a better perspective on things. By the way couchgnome I know you're pretty liberal. Did you know the republic of Massachusetts is an ecomomic shithole. I'm glad I left that state. American soldier I agree with you. I live in Austin and it is one of the best cities I have been to and I also have the pleasure of living here. There is an enormous amount of wealth.
NoxiouxSpore, Dingleberry, TheArchitect,mr_shaggles,Tommo, dirtyassfeet, Truthseeker013, and CouchGnome all tried to get on welfare in Texas and were turned down for being B&W asskissers.

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