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In democratic societies, even capitalist ones, there are regulations on business, especially large, powerful corporations. But in the United States, freedom of religion is one of the most fundamental of freedoms, alongside freedom of speech, press and assembly. For most Americans, this is obviously a good thing since they don't have a destructive, authoritarian agenda with their religion (or lack thereof). But more cults have come out of the United States than any other country, and this has been a problem for other countries. Take Scientology for instance. It has tax-exempt status in the USA, but is labelled a cult in Germany and France, and is not protected as a bona-fide religion in the United Kingdom. The Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church is a similar case. Extremist and terrorist grops from Al-Qaeda to the Klan are cults in their own right, as are even secular political cults like the followers of Lyndon LaRouche and David Duke.

Is it ethical to restrict religious freedom in cases of extreme groups that threaten liberty for others? It has already been established that the right to bear arms doesn't mean unrestricted gun ownership and use, and the right to property and pursuit of happiness does not include unfair business practices, trusts, monopolies and mistreatment of workers.

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Give unto Caesar what Caesar is due
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theat would be the state involved with church.Keep them separate.
When it becomes a danger to society, yes. If it's simply a difference of opinion, no.
There already is! You can't kill people if your Religion practices Human Sacrifice.

When religion and the law are in conflict, the law usually wins.

You can't have Religion's who practices infringe on the Constitutional Rights of other U.S. Citzens.

What's the difference between a cult and a true religion? The only consistent explanation I can see is that it depends on which side you're on.

Leave the religious nuts alone as long as they aren't breaking any laws.

this whole country was formed by religious pilgrims danit... freedom! freedom!!!
why cant you just ignore religious stuff, its part of our country
Ideally, religion should be blasted out of existance. Religion has brought more harm to Humankind than anything else; history will confirm this.
not anymore. I don't see Christians running around the streets with bombs strapped around them. So leave Christians alone, thanks.

History confirms that avarice has brought more harm to humanity than anything else.

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