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[+] ballot by Guest_597cc

I really wouldn't -- she just doesn't do it for me. Tits aren't everything.

Hell yeah!
Hell no!
Make it Kate Bosworth instead...
Any old port in the storm, I say
bring it on
Meh, it wouldn't matter that much to me either way
As long as she didn't talk.
Maybe 25 years ago
Jesus Christ no, she's almost 60!
She still looks good at, what, 60 yr old
And risk blindness????
who wants to see grandma's puss
Just a Tit Shoot She Still Looks Good better then some younger tits I have seen

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they are fake
by ABC [+]

oh dolly parton! god bless her! i met her once! wonderful lady! have you been to dollywood?
gotta love that southern twang of hers
sure. and photograph her body for posterity
No now, after all the cosmetic surgery she's had. She probably has scars that look like a roadmap.
Make it Kate Bosworth instead. She may have (much) smaller tits than Dolly Parton, but I would much rather see Kate Bosworth naked than Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is almost 60! Who wants to see a 60 year old naked?! Excuse me while I go puke... :)
Down, boy! DOWWWWN!
After all these years I think Dolly owes us a nude Playboy centerfold or a nude scene. Of course the 9to5 era would've been much better or maybe in that movie "Best little Whorehouse in Texas". I kept waiting for her to fall or pop out of that lingerie. That bra was working really hard! Wow! Maybe Burt's seen them! I'll bet Kenny Rogers has! Lucky bastard!
Dolly Parton may be pumping 60 but she sure doesn't look it. She has denied us all long enough and there is precious little time left for her to pose nude before the ravages of time would ruin the possible arousal of seeing her nakedness. Its a crime to have breasts that big and never show them off. Maybe if someone could convince her to pose just to show how good a 60 year old women could look.
Just to see her tits would be nice, before they get too old and wrinkled.
I saw her live last year, I was pretty close to her too, and she looked cute as ever. Her dress was very tight though, so maybe it was holding everything in place.
by Jyl [+]

She looks like her face has been surgically "enhanced" too many times. God, you'd think if she blinked, her forehead would rip open.
only to be put in my tummy
My rationale for wanting to see Dolly bare-ass is that I've got a cock in parallel to those bountiful boobs, and have done my share of dames close to the Parton pair.
Voted : Hell yeah!
She is still sexy and I would love to see her in all her naked glory.
What are U nuts ??? Of course I (WE) would !!!!
nicest body and vagina ever
Voted : Any old port in the storm, I say
I've wondered their size for years

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