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Why does the hate continue after all that has been accomplished in the past/present to eliminate and/or lessen it? Who/what is the face of hate and racial insensitivity and when will it end?

The face of hate can be any of us.
It will never end as long as human beings are in control of it.
Some people don't like themselves and take it out on others.
Haters are ignorant and illogical in their thinking.
Who cares, we all get what we put out into the world, especially haters.
hate is fun
99% of the world hates the black race.
hate is a natural human response
Some people have been brainwashed
whatever you crazy cracker
Just because!!!!
Quite being so sensitive, and quite being a puss
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Some people need to feel superior to others. It's what Gail Norton would call a "Bad Fact" (her explanation for that nasty little part of U.S. history when people owned slaves).
Is this a counter attack towards Grapost because of the ballots he put up earlier?
p.s. Gail Norton = Interior Secretary in Bush cabinet
You must remember black people are equally as racist as whites. It goes boths ways.
Dream on Doctor, there is not a resource in America that Blacks control to prevent others from accessing on the basis of race. The idea you would draw a parallel between Blacks and racism is an indication that you to like Grapost, either are ignorant to the issue or you have decided to play the racist game. People of color could never be equally racist to Caucasians, remember, Caucasians possess 100s of years experience, it has been indoctrinated from one generation to the next and it continues to be passed on like a badge of honor. This constant racist crap that trash like Grapost spew and people who support him in his illogical views is nothing more than an attempt to bring back the hate on this site, nothing more, nothing less ~ Arrivederci!
I think that racism will exist as long as the 1st ammendment is used to defend it.
Dont worry the U.R.P. is around.
Unfortunately, it will not end. People maybe 500 years before us have probably asked the same thing to themselves. Maybe they thought after something truly horrible happened, people would open their eyes and stop hating. But look, after the holocaust, african slavery, south american slavery many atrocities...racism is still alive and well and as long as the parents of today continue to instill it into the hearts and minds of the next generation, it will never stop. The best thing we can do as individuals is to choose the right way- to not hate and promote that path to others.
the first amendment doesn't defend racism, merely the right to express it through speech and writing. if the amendment were to take away these rights, then racists would have to use more action to express their views. nice job, censor.
we need to outbreed the rednecks people. Get to screwing!
Thats what the Mexicans and African Americans are saying. We need to outbreed those white people so we can take over America and Canada.
Maybe if ethnic minorities just acted a little more civilised instead of mugging everyone then the hate would end
Racism happens to all poeple whites to blacks and visa versa. The first thing t realize is that not every insensitive remark is made by a racist some are just very blunt and don't care about whose around them. Others are racist those are confused poeple who can't take responsiblity in the fact that we are our the same poeple in this world.
It's got nothing to with their need.They just are.But those who get offended easily just get on my nerve.And I really don't understand what "racially insensitive"exactly mean.
It all depends on what you consider racially insesitive. I don't mean to offend anyone but I think some racist jokes are funny. However I am not racist in the slightest and even laugh at racial jokes directed about me. (I'm white) But if your saying things to honestly try to put a group down I think that's fucked up.
bahaha, cracker. would you like graham, saltine, or oreo?
Mental illness,
Below average intelligence. Sociopathic, psychopathic, self-hate and mixed together in nasty brew. Usually the kind of people I see getting fired from jobs and getting kicked out of bars, you know the type. like gagoonies.

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