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[+] ballot by RobinGaylord

I think this has happened to most people and usually the stories are not only funny but also a right of passage. So give an honest vote and share the story below.

I'm a man and I've been caught.
I'm a woman and I've been caught.
I'm a man and I haven’t been caught.
I'm a woman and I haven't been caught.
I'm a man and I don't masturbate
I'm a woman and I don't masturbate

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The weird thing is I have been caught nasterbating in an airplane bathroom.
U just caught me
Yeah, I got caught by my boyfriend the other day
Look at that, I see several lying women voted for the "I don't masturbate" choice
I almost got caught by my mom!
by aya [+]

Got caught by mom, a friend, and a few different girlfriends..
Yeah there is no feeling being caught.

Though there was a close call...
My god... if you don't date rape... its as simple as that.


Btw... I've been caught. >

got caught, more awkward than funny. but I did get a good chuckle out of it afterward...
CouncilTucky caught me, it was animae : (
wait, you can't see me right now can you??????
I was caught masturbating in my late fifties. (I find this comment funny for some surreal humour reason)
does your wife count as somebody catchin you?

daily ...
Yeah I caught you, jappy, but does it really count if I sit down and start masturbating as well?
For what I know i havn't been but who knows? maybe in one of those night someone of my family saw me but didn't tell me.
hmmm creepy thoughts...

I almost got caught by my sister,luckly I changed the channel back to Fox news.
Only by choice...
yes ive been caught before.but dont you think it would suck if u did it in ur girlfriends house and your girlfriends mom seen you?
Friend of mine was once chilling out, listening to music on headphones, having a joint and a quickie in the comfort and privacy of his bedroom. Turns to grab the kleenex to find his mum had left him a cup of tea next to his armchair. Does everyone masturbate with their eyes shut or is that another ballot?
My girlfriends's niece watched me masturbate but, I didn't see her there until after I was done. We ended up screwing each other like rabbits for the next few months. We both liked the possiblity of being caught. She would listen to me and my girlfriend fuck around at night, in the morning she'd tell me how she had masturbated to our sex moans. Damn she was hot, I miss her more than my x-girlfriend.
^ that comment inspired me to masturbate
thank you
At least I dont think so
Voted : I'm a woman and I've been caught.
Ain't nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, in times of need!
Voted : I'm a man and I've been caught.
My mom caught me twice. The first time i was really embarrassed. Now I don't worry about getting caught I almost want it to happen again.
Voted : I'm a man and I've been caught.
Hold on a minute... (busy)
Voted : I'm a man and I haven’t been caught.
I do it daily and I'm 67. Haven't been caught yet but I don't care if I do get caught.
Almost a couple of times.

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