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Just for fun, let's apply credit card mentality to a life situation:

For the following scenario:

your credit card = boat
dollars = people
credit card company = coast guard
drop in credit rating = crack in boat


A boat is out in the ocean, there are too many people on the boat, and the boat is starting to sink, they need some help bad!!!

Coast Guard:

Tell them the only way to save themselves is to get people off the boat, all the while putting more people into the boat. Oh, you waited too long to get people off the boat, you get more people added into the boat. What? The boat can only hold 1000 people and you have 1020 people on the boat?? PUT 50 MORE PEOPLE ON THE BOAT!!! What? The boat develops a slight crack in it? ADD IN 10 MORE PEOPLE PER MINUTE!!

I think we can all see what happens here, the boat sinks. Oh, one more:

boat sinks = bankruptcy

It's really confusing actually. And you call and try to work with them and all they really want to do, to let you get people off your boat, is add a few more in. Talk about frustrating. And sure, you can say "you are the one that ran the limit up on your card." I suppose that is a fair statement, but that doesn't give these companies the right to bend a guy over the coach with sandpaper, now does it?

I guess a quick and easy way to pay off credit cards would be a new law. Every time a credit card company sends me a credit card application in the mail, they have to include a 5 dollar bill with the application. It's really weird, I have such a bad rating, but they continue to send me application after application. "Sorry folks, I can only pilot one boat at a time, and this one is sinking fast okay?" If I get 5 bucks for every application they send in the mail, I should get my card paid off after I get about 300 applications. That should take, oh, about 2 months. I wonder if I have the power to get that law passed? Yeah, good luck on that one.

YES, this would be a wonderful law
NO, make it 20 dollars per application
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Good idea!
Man ... I could have retired YEARS ago!
I always rip up the paperwork, shove it back in that envelope and mail it back. They have to pay for it.
i got a small chocolate bar with one of the aplications for a credit card :) but i would much prefer the money
thc: I did that for almost 10 years ... they finally wore me out.
I've thought about whiting out their address and using those envelopes to send out my own mail. I'm going to mail myself something and see if it works.

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