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Iran has said that it will not wait for Israel or America to strike first.If Iran feels threatend by Israel or America it will lauch a pre-emptive attack on Israel's nuclear program.Do you believe that Iran or any other country besides America has the right to lauch a pre-emptive strike?After all if America has the right to use a pre-emptive attack inorder to defend it'self why shouldn't Iran or China or India have that same right?

Yes,all countries have the right to defend themselves.
No,pre-emptive strikes are reserved for rational and sane countries only.
Any nation that launches a 1st strike is insane.
No nation should do this, including the US.
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They can do whatever they want. If theyre launching a preemptive strike, then obviously they feel they can get away with it and other nations have the right to gang up on em tho. Iran can try that, but would probably be defeated rapidly if they did so.
Any nation that launches a 1st strike is insane.
by ABC [+]

You got my vote ABC.
asking for it
by x__ [+]

all mention of pre-emptive strikes on fox news should be replaced by Saddamming or Osamabinladenizing...

So, should we be Osamabinladenizing North Korea?
by LCD [+]

Some one once said that pre emptive strikes are not a way of declaring war. Well they're wrong. It's same as planing a covert operation. To me it is same as declaring war.
What ever happened when a country wanted to attack someone no one cared? Before countries would just invade one another didn't have this un stuff and didn't have to go by any rules people just did what they felt like. Frankly i don't care if iran invades the whole middle east its not my problem.
Depends. I'm glad israel launched a preemptive strike on iraq while the west sat around complaining and doing nothing. If they hadn't saddam would have had nukes in the early 90s, and he could have easily dominated the middle east. I think that makes the case for some preemptive strikes, if they're done appropriately.
If they did, Israel wouldn't exist
Well they can. But they would have to answer to the global iron fist of America.

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