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[+] ballot by Smeegol

both users are at all powerful God and they are both probably the 2 most famous female users on B&W. Who would win if these 2 were to fight/ Wrestle in a giant bowl of gravy?

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if they are going to wrestle in gravy then they might aswell do it in my home made gravy. it will leave you feeling nice girls. God Bless!
They're both too smart to fight in a big dish of gravy...unless it was just for FUN, of course. :o)
by zig [+]

Lawdsakes, Smeegol, I wouldn't want to *fight* Tadema! I consider her a good friend, even though I have never met her. We might be neighbours soon! However I wouldn't mind doing cannonball contests with her in her swimming pool, after we've been well fortified with Tanqueray!
By the way, thanks, Ms. D. I would LOVE to sample your gravy - one of my favourite things in the world is gravy and mashers!
I agree Mojo! She's my buddy so there wouild be no contest but, ater a few vodkas, I bet you could talk us both into jumping into a pool of jello together! :) (ok, I probably wouldn't even need the drink)
hey girls dont worry! its all in good competition.
Who would win?

All of us! ;-)

HEY!! Don't be encouraging FIGHTS on B&W, Gravy you say, well ok, only this once. Hang on don't start till I get the camcorder.
The one you have hidden in your closet so the mule doesn't know you're taping her??? ( I actually knew a guy that did that and taped the women he brought home) He was a baaaad boy.
did you make sure you got the tape off him? :O)
Hey! You're not loving me like you should!!!
*IC gives Tads a big smooch*
Tads all happy now! :)
Lets get to the gravy.
Chicken or beef? (and no one better say fish!)
Beef, subtly flavored with a nice red wine, don't you think, Tads?
yes of course as well as some mushrooms for added fun.
I love anything covered in gravy... but this would be a first! Uhm especially country sausage gravy over some homemade biscuits. Okay ladies, enough wrestling, follow me and we'll go see what the boys are wrestling in.
by MO_ [+]

Oh, so this place is like a whole popularity contest huh. Just like school.
Where was I when this happened? I miss ALL the good stuff...

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