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jennifer lopez
britney spears
christina milian
jennifer love hewitt
Adriana Lima
Anna Kornikova
salma hayek
Maria Genero
Angelina Jolie
catherine zeda jones
Barbara Eden
Ana Claudia Talancon
Catherine Siachoque
Hilary Duff
Alicia Keys
veronika zemanova
Ashlee Simson
LEEZA GIBBONS-Is Sexy & Hot Body & Tits plus LEGS!
Carolyn Jones
Daphne Blake
Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Simpson
Aishwarya Rai
carmen electra
Alyson Hannigan
Lyndie England
aishwariya rai
Lindsey Lohan
Virgin Mary
haifa wehbe
jennifer connelly
kelly ripa
Nicola Rachel Bond
margarette thatcher
Shania Twain
Bridgette Jennings
keira knightley
Lindsay Lohan
My girlfriend
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Charlize Theron
Chloe Jones
Eliza Dushku
regine velasquez
Paris Hilton
Holy shit! Pam Anerson didn't make the list?
Sarah Chalke
Denise Richards
Elisha Cuthbert
Halle Barry
bar refaeli from israel
Dolly Parton. She's gorgeous
Mary Hart
avril lavinge
my grandma lol
sophia bush

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She's a model for Victoria's Secret, the one with green eyes and black hair and the belly button ring.
there's salma, there's monica belluci, and there's everybody else
Just me :p lol
To me, Maria Genero is the hottest woman on earth....the most naturally-beautiful lady I have ever seen in all 62 years of my life! She is also highly intelligent and I'll bet that she has a genius I.Q.! This is why for the last seven years, I have been in love with a fantasy of my own creation (hopefully just for the time being!) to which I have mentally connected Maria's naturally-gorgeous face and body to which I have been physically attracted ever since I first saw her in 1997 as a weather reporter and a news anchor on KABC-TV in Los Angeles.....her stay there was all-too-short! Ms. Genero also appeared as a hostess in two presentations of "Eye On L.A." Early in 2003, I decided to look Ms. Genero up on the and I discovered that she was then working as a news anchor and health reporter for WKBW-TV in Buffalo, NY. I decided to subscribe to that station's website mostly to see her and read her intelligently-prepared health articles, some of which were a great help to me as I am a Type 2 Diabetic and I also have Mitral-Valve-Prolapse in my heart on which one of her articles reported. What really angers me is that Ms. Genero was unjustly fired from WKBW which motivated me to terminate my subscription to WKBW in protest! Oh how I miss her! I probably will for the rest of my life......I don't think I'm going to be around much longer. Oh, how I pray to God Almighty that Maria Genero and I personally meet even if we start out as pen pals! I have already written extensive messages to her at her WKBW e-mail address, and, all of which are caring and supportive but I have no way whatsoever of knowing if she has ever seen or read them. Perhaps she may have done so and I pray that she has done so and that I will get a positive response from her! One more thing: I am divorced.
As an epilogue to my comments on Maria Genero, I have absolutely neither any idea nor clue whatsoever what the outcome of what I said therein will ever be. I have never seen or met Maria Genero in person nor have I ever had any other kind of contact whatsoever with her at all in my entire life. All I can do now is to sit back and hope for the best....if there is anything for me to hope for at all.
Actually, prettiness is in the mind of the individual beholder.
P.S. Each of us is absolutely free to interpret prettiness the way we want to.
Remember, beauty is only as deep as that first layer of skin but ugly goes to the bone!
The daughter of Christmas with the cranks. Whats her name again..oh who cares but she is HOT
Mariaaaaaaa forever!
Why is Keira Knightly hot?
Bad News. Carolyn Jones is no longer on Earth! (Morticia?)
Some lovely creature whose name I will not share.
Thalia is the prettiest woman in the world and not Julia Roberts
Show me Carolyn Jones PICTURE

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